Wyss Institute Researchers Continue to Advance Organ Engineering Through 3D Bioprinting

An organ transplant is a pretty miraculous procedure on its own, and its development and continuing improvement has enormously benefited its recipients. More than 30,000 people receive transplants each year…

Technology Isn’t Just For The Good Guys: What Happens When Black Marketeers Start Churning Out Bioprinted Organs?

Allowing people to become desperate is a very dangerous thing. Yet, as economies suffer and governments fail at helping their citizens sufficiently—whether they could or not—many individuals are forced to…

First Ever Opposite Lung, Living Donor Lung Transplant Takes Place Thanks to 3D Printing

We all are aware that 3D printing has been helping advance several different types of surgeries. It’s doing this in two ways; first by giving surgeons the option of a…

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