EPLVLEREPRAETERITORVM: 3D Printing Pulls a Dead Language from the Dust

EPLVLEREPRAETERITORVM. No, it’s not the latest incantation to be uttered by the great Harry Potter or a snippet of mischievious Middle-Earth Elven (or even a Klingon curse), although it is…

Amazingly, Every Letter of the Alphabet & Every Number is Depicted in This 3D Printed Pendant

One thing that I have noticed over the past year is what I call the 3D-ified versions of previously 2-dimensional objects coming about through the use of 3D printing technology….

Japanese Design Studio YOY Creates Embroidered Signage Using 3D Printing

The walls appeared to be covered in embroidery at one display at Tokyo Designer’s Week 2014. But why? It’s a story that takes some history to understand. Embroidery is a…