Hackaday Blogger Upgrades Printrbot Play 3D Printer With OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi Zero

There are many ways for companies to upgrade a 3D printer: adding a power boost, the ability to 3D print with multiple materials, a vat made of stainless steel rather…

OctoPrint Startup Soon to Lose Funding from Sponsor BQ, Launches Patreon Campaign—Users Rally Behind Founder

One thing is for sure in the world of business: nothing is ever for sure. No matter how hard you work, there are no guarantees for success—and especially not in…

OctoPrint 1.2.3 Offers New List of Upgrades & Bug Fixes

OctoPrint is open source, cutting edge “host software” for 3D printers. While there are other solutions to control your 3D printer and send commands such as Printrun, Repetier Host and Cura,…

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