Luke Scott’s Breakout Film ‘Morgan’: 3D Printed Synthetic Human Prototypes are People Too!

Be careful what you wish for. That seems to be the underlying theme in many a sci-fi movie and thriller where we’ve created living beings that careen wildly out of…

Making Visible the Invisible: Artist Uses DNA Phenotyping to Create 3D Printed Portraits of Incarcerated Chelsea Manning

As of this year, Chelsea Manning has been in prison for six years. The US soldier has been incarcerated since 2010, when she was arrested for leaking confidential information, including diplomatic…

Researchers Combine Ideas of 3D Printing With Molecular Self-assembly – Is Molecular Manufacturing Next?

What’s the ultimate extension of 3D printing technology? Where could 3D printing take us in the future? For me, I believe that eventually, whether it’s in my lifetime or not,…

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