Researchers 3D Print Six Different Drugs in Multi-Layered Polypill

In the recently published ‘3D Printing of a Multi-Layered Polypill Containing Six Drugs Using a Novel Stereolithographic Method,’ international researchers explore the potential of 3D printing in the pharmaceutical industry….

Furthering STEM Education: Thesis Student 3D Prints Micro & Millifluidic Devices on a Desktop Machine

In ‘Use of stereolithographic 3D printing for fabrication of micro and millifluidic devices for undergraduate engineering studies,’ University of Tennessee at Chattanooga thesis student Cooper Thome explores the importance of…

3D Printing News Briefs: March 21, 2017

Editor’s Note: With so much going on in 3D printing these days, is moving from featuring one news roundup each week to two. While we’d been calling these features Stories…

Researchers Are Much More Successful 3D Printing Pills Using SLA Technology

As 3D printing makes major impacts on the medical industry, it’s hard to find an area that’s not affected positively—and in most cases, substantially. From creating 3D printed models to…

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