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From Art to Science: 3D Systems Execs Continue Discussion on Taking 3D Printing from Prototype to Production

When 3D printing first emerged, it was squarely targeted at rapid prototyping; 3D Systems understands this origin perhaps better than most, as the original patent for stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing…

3D Systems Releases New Dental 3D Printer and Large Collection of Resins

3D Systems is deeply committed to dental 3D printing. In fact, the company’s technology enables production of the largest number of orthodontic aligners in the world. But 3D Systems has…

3D Systems Announces New 3D Printing Platforms, Materials, Software Solutions, Business Unit, Partnerships

Today in Denver, additive manufacturing mainstay 3D Systems is making several major announcements as the company looks to further differentiate itself in the market — for all the right reasons….