Middle School Students Design and 3D Print Container to Hold EIS Academy Experiments During Suborbital Rocket Launch

Classroom experiments are usually pretty interesting, and even fun…unless you’re dissecting a rat in biology class, of course (that was not a fun day for me, or the rat). A…

Enterprise Spaceship Gets Real with 3D Printing in Educational Program by Smithsonian and NSS

If a 3D printer can be considered an early (very early) version of Star Trek’s replicator, then there is no better place for it than the Enterprise. The National Space…

NSS Enterprise: 3D Printed Satellite Engineered by Made In Space & EIS Will Carry Student Experiments

For most of us, it’s incomprehensible how a project like getting to space even begins–from designing and making the actual ship, to manpower, to overall dynamics and intricate planning. And…

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