Suck Out Filament Moisture with PrintDry—Store Safely, Dry & 3D Print at the Same Time!

Just as the traditional artist has their treasure trove of tools and supplies with charcoal, pastels, leftover palettes, and paints that can be very expensive and then tricky to store,…

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — April 5

The stories we didn’t cover this week run the gamut, covering announcements of new 3D scanning techniques based on built-in smartphone sensors, Stratasys’ global expansion efforts, 3D printed concrete art…

Clinton Freeman Offers Advice and Info on 3D Printing Filament and Moisture Damage

Clinton Freeman of RepRage has some excellent advice for storing 3D printer PLA filament to avoid moisture problems. Freeman is a Senior Software Engineer at NICTA in Brisbane Area, Australia, and he…

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