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“To Know the Rose”: Digital 3D Artist Corinne Whitaker’s Seriously Playful Post-Human Creations

It is already quite uncommon to come across a digital 3D artist who has been working in that medium for decades. And it is even more uncommon to find a…

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — December 12

This week’s news includes new investments, contracts, and acquisitions on the business side of 3D printing technology. Some serious money (€700,000) is now flowing toward Germany-based 3D printing company trinckle after completing a recent…

Digital Giraffe Creates These Amazing Giant 3D Printed Sculptures

Corinne Whitaker has been publishing The Digital Giraffe, an award winning monthly art journal, online now for 21 years and exploring the medium of desktop digital image making for 34….