coatings for 3D prints

Coating Nylon 3D Prints to Decrease Moisture Absorption Could Open Up New Applications

As 3D printing materials advance, it’s becoming possible to create stronger 3D printed parts. Porosity is an issue that afflicts many 3D printed parts, however, including those produced by FDM….

Australian Researchers Bling It On with Diamond-Coated 3D Printed Titanium Implants

As the song says, diamonds are forever – and not just in terms of jewelry. New research coming out of Australia this week illustrates that the stone has been successfully…


Formulate 3D Printing Inks & Resins with Superior Mechanical Properties & Surface Quality

As the 3D printing industry continues to grow at a faster rate than ever, manufacturers are striving to create new, higher-quality printing materials that overcome problems with deformation, have superior…

Add Elegance & Strength to Your 3D Printed Models with Ira3D’s New Chrome Plating

Like the world of 3D printing and innovations that continue to blow our minds, Ira3D is one of those dynamic companies that continue to wow us at each turn. Just…