3D Printing News Briefs: February 13, 2018

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which makes today Galentine’s Day if you’re a Parks and Recreation fan. To celebrate, we’re starting today’s 3D Printing News Briefs with Valentine’s Day news – some…

When 3D Printing Isn’t the Best Customization Option, or How Candy Mechanics Learned to Love CNC

We report on all kinds of 3D printers, including metal 3D printers, PCB 3D printers, and perhaps the most novel, food 3D printers. All kinds of food has been 3D printed,…

Making the Mold: Baker Perkins Among Confectioners Embracing 3D Technologies for Candy Making

Whimsy can be a very serious business, just ask anyone in the confectionery industry. While many people casually enjoy lollipops and gummy candies, few realize the depths that go into…

Delicious Designs: New York Architect/Café Owner Uses 3D Printer to Create Architectural Chocolate

Not only does 3D printing open new creative doors in just about every industry, it also enables entrepreneurs to combine aspects of seemingly disparate industries into new and exciting businesses….

ChocoForm Kickstarter Sweetens the Deal: 3D Prints Your Face in Chocolate

Some people dream of having their face up in lights; others have slightly sweeter visions. For those folk, now’s your chance! Thanks to the ChocoForm, you can have your face…

Young Entrepreneur Offers 3D Printed Chocolate Molds on Kickstarter

Young Entrepreneur Offers 3D Printed Chocolate Molds on Kickstarter

July 22, 2014

Although Valentine’s Day is still many months away, what is quite possibly the perfect gift, may be soon available. The young inventor, Grant Gabrielson of Park City, Utah, has used…

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