CEO & CFO Replacements at Stratasys, MakerBot & SLM Solutions: Why All the Executive-Level Shakeups in 3D Printing?

The 3D printing market has seen a lot of growth, development and commotion of the past months. With growth spurts come growing pains. Over the past four weeks we’ve seen…

Another 3D Printing Shakeup: Jonathan Jaglom Resigns as MakerBot CEO, Company President Nadav Goshen to Succeed Him

For those keeping score at home, today marks the fourth major leadership announcement at MakerBot in as many years, as CEO Jonathan Jaglom today announced his resignation. Jaglom took the…

MakerBot CEO Expresses Optimism for Company’s Future and Hints at a Major Project in the Works

It’s been a rough year for MakerBot, with layoffs and store closures, as well as disappointing third quarter results, causing quite a bit of whispering within the industry. CEO Jonathan…

MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom Announces Company Restructuring: 20% Staff Reduction, Working with Contract Manufacturer, & More

Six months ago, when Jonathan Jaglom stepped up to take on the role of CEO at MakerBot, a subsidiary of Stratasys, we knew there would be some changes in store….

Will MakerBot Unveil Their 6th Generation 3D Printers At 2016 CES? We Think So!

Ever since witnessing the unveiling of three new MakerBot 5th Generation machines at CES back in January of 2014, the tech community has been wondering what will come next. Although…

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