California College of the Arts

Autodesk Memento Graduates from Beta Phase with Very Promising Start & New Name–ReMake

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Autodesk Memento, previously in its beta phase but already playing an integral role in some very important projects, from allowing Dr. Louise…

The Swarmscapers: Students Create 3D Printing Robots Capable of Building in Outlying Areas

Imagine a reality of 3D printing robots, in a community unto themselves, diligently working in unpredictable temperatures and conditions, strong and steady — just taking care of business. Efficiently. Perfectly….

Students Design Sky 3D Printer Featuring Cable Suspension and Vertical Design for Remote Use

And the evolution of the 3D printer continues… Imagine 3D printing on an even larger scale — in more remote areas. As the words 3D printing and sustainability keep popping…