Never Give Up: New Kickstarter Campaign Seeks to Raise Money to Purchase Prosthetic Covers for Wounded Veterans

Every day we see a lot of Kickstarter campaigns being launched for new products, charitable causes, and combinations of the two. There are so many projects related to 3D printing…

Founder of Bespoke Innovations Fashions Open Structure for 3D Printed Arm Cast, Applied in Seconds

Most of us have been exposed to the world of orthopedics in one way or another–and it’s not a place any of us usually want to be. As the mother…

UNYQ and 3D Systems Join Forces to Develop 3D Printed Orthotics & Prostheses

UNYQ fairings and accessories are “3D printed embellishments that wrap around your prosthetic leg,” and they’re built in boutique studios in Seville, Spain and San Francisco. The company offers 30…

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