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3D Printed Mannequins, R2-D2s, Guitars, Drag Racers, & More at MRRF 2023

I’ve heard about it for years, but this summer, the stars finally aligned and I was able to attend a much-lauded 3D printing event in Goshen, Indiana: the annual Midwest…

Bambu 3D Printer Killers: Pandamonium (or the Desktop 3D Printing Revolution After All)

The launch of the P1P 3D printer from Bambu Lab has changed our industry forever. It will shape our industry by bringing about a select group of Pandas, wannabe Bambu…


Bambu Killing 3D Printers: Enter the Killer Pandas

In the previous post in this series, we looked at how Bambu Lab‘s market entry fundamentally altered the 3D printing market. Now, we will look deeper at the effects that…

The Importance of the Bambu Lab X1 3D Printer

I was incredulous when I first saw the Bambu Lab X1 3D printer. A printer with a core XY architecture, it has a material enclosure for four spools of filament….