Sinterit is Going White

Is it possible to achieve white color on a small SLS 3D printer? This question was asked a hundred times. Somehow clients love white materials, but in selective laser sintering…

Low Cost Selective Laser Sintering: The Innovator’s Dilemma in Powder?

Selective Laser Sintering is also called powder bed fusion and SLS. The SLS process sees a bed of polymer powder selectively sintered by a laser. A new layer is applied…

Incredibly Low-Priced Polyforge SLS 3D Printer to be Unveiled at Maker Faire

It seems as though it was just a year ago that the idea of seeing consumer-level selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers come to market was only a pipe dream….

A Full-Featured SLS 3D Printer For $2000? German Student Says He Can Build It

Lukas Hoppe is taking on the big boys with this project. The18-year-old is about to finish school in Bremen, Germany, and he’s launched an Indiegogo project aimed at funding his…

Ex-Google Employees Form SinterIt, Looking to Bring a $5,000 SLS 3D Printer to Market in 2015

Just yesterday, we reported on the Ester 3D Printer, a selective laser sintering (SLS) machine which is slated to hit crowdfunding site, Indiegogo as soon as today. The campaign will sell developer…

Ester – The SLS 3D Printer is Set to Hit Indiegogo Starting at Only $2,500

UPDATE: The Indiegogo Campaign is now LIVE! Back in October, we covered a story on a man named Brandon Fosdick, who had created a working selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D…

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