Wohlers Report 2017: The Real Authority on 3D Printing

True authority on a matter comes from both experience and respect, and these are the underlying foundations on which Wohlers Associates, Inc. has built up over the last three decades….

Terry Wohlers Discusses the Future of 3D Printing at Inside 3D Printing Keynote

In this morning’s keynote at Inside 3D Printing San Diego, Terry Wohlers, Principal Consultant and President of Wohlers Associates, Inc., presented his thoughts in a session titled, “The Future of…

Opportunities in Metal 3D Printing — A Few Questions For: IDTechEx

If there are two things we know about 3D printing, it’s that opportunities are rising rapidly in the metals sector and that trade shows are a great place to hear…

Loewenbaum, Insider at 3D Systems Corp, Continues to Buy Shares

A long, bright future is ahead for those making magic with 3D printing. And exploration has really only just begun. As we see this new technology allowing for incredible strides…

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