3D printer reports

Wohlers Report 2017: The Real Authority on 3D Printing

True authority on a matter comes from both experience and respect, and these are the underlying foundations on which Wohlers Associates, Inc. has built up over the last three decades….

Wohlers Report 2017 Shows Vibrant New Business Activity in 3D Printing with Softened Growth Worldwide

Wohlers Associates, Inc., recognized widely as the leading consulting firm and top authority on additive manufacturing and 3D printing worldwide—terms that are used interchangeably—today announced the publication of the Wohlers…

3D Hubs Releases Worldwide 3D Printing Trends Report for July 2016, Format Goes Quarterly

3D Hubs provides a wonderful service to all who are interested in the world of 3D printing. Each month they give us an enlightening snapshot of trends within their own…