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Totally Tubular: YouTuber Develops Rotational 3D Printer

YouTuber & Software Engineer Humphrey Wittingtonsworth IV recently dazzled his audience twith an amazing creation: a rotational 3D printer. This printer, a modified Creality CR-10, is capable of printing tubular…

3D Printing with Light Evolves Even Further

There are an enormous array of materials available to anyone who wishes to create 3D objects, but Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi wanted a material that is both digitally ready and more…

This Man Uses a Server Cabinet to House His 3D Printer & It’s Awesome

Aric Cudnohosky is the majordomo at aquaticslive.com, and he’s also a 3D printing enthusiast and maker. Cudnohosky is a database administrator for the Iowa League of Cities in Des Moines….