Will Google’s Downloadable 3D Objects Help or Hinder 3D Printing?

Google just released an experimental version of Article, a 3D viewer for AR. The viewer lets you on your desktop or in the browser: look at, manipulate or view 3D…

Biologists Watch Spiders Interact with Virtual Reality Using 3D Printed Treadmills

When it comes to virtual reality, do spiders get it? Why, yes they do. Not just relegated to thrilling the upper echelons of the food chain, the awesome fun of…

Project Anywhere — Virtual Reality System Which Utilizes 3D Printed ‘Inteligloves’ & VR Headset

Lately we’ve been seeing a convergence between 3D printing and virtual reality in more ways than one. Whether it’s 3D modeling software which places the user in a virtual world with…

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