Russian Cosmonauts Deploy Satellite with 3D Printed Casing During Livestreamed Spacewalk

We bring you news from the International Space Station (ISS) today, as two Russian cosmonauts stepped into outer space this morning to begin a planned six-hour spacewalk, also known as…

3D Printing Launches George Watson’s College to Victory in ESA CanSat Competition

You’ve likely heard of CubeSats, but what about CanSats? The CubeSat’s smaller cousin is a satellite that, yes, fits in a can, and it’s used mostly for educational purposes. While,…

Poland: New Swiatowida Satellite from SatRevolution SA Features 3D Printed Housing

Even upon considering all the applications we use 3D printing for today, it’s amazing to me the number of impacts it is making in aerospace—and not always NASA. Numerous other…

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