3D Printing Offers Precision, Agility, a “New Tool to Do New Things” in Precious Metals for Cooksongold

Most of the parts on display at 3D printing trade shows are impressive; they wouldn’t have been paraded out as display pieces if they weren’t show quality. Still, while I…

Collaboration Leads to South Africa’s First Platinum 3D Print

Platinum is seen by many as the most precious of the precious metals, a material to be found only in the rarest and most expensive jewelry. Its applications go beyond…

Cooksongold and Boltenstern Introduce the 3D Printed Gold and Platinum Embrace Jewelry Collection

What we call 3D printed jewelry typically isn’t directly 3D printed – it’s made, like most metal jewelry, using investment casting. It’s the molds that are 3D printed. But when…

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