Dassault Systèmes Gathered 3D Printing Expertise at CES 2018: Interviews with Rize, Syos

At last week’s eventful CES 2018 in Las Vegas, 3D printing may not have been the main attraction — but still had plenty to show. The annual trade show has…

Keep Your Teeth, Guys! UFC Partners with GuardLab for 3D Printed Mouthguards

Just the other day a friend and I were discussing which sports are most dangerous, with most all of them leaving lifelong injuries as reminders of glory from ‘back in…

Conical Spear Butt of Navan: Archaelogist’s 3D Printed Replica Shows Artifact Was Actually a Horn Mouthpiece

3D printing is transforming a long list of industrial sectors, and far more–but you’d still be amazed where it manages to ‘horn’ in. As the technology is lauded for all…

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