Al Noor Training Center for Children with Special Needs: Super Kids Receive 3D Printed Superhero Selfies from Generation 3D

“Sometimes, superheroes can be young children fighting uphill battles.” While many around the world pooh-pooh technology for kids, criticizing any amount of ‘screen time’ or, goodness forbid, offering up the…

For California-Based CoKreeate 3D Scanning and 3D Printing is a Family Affair

While 2013 doesn’t seem like a terribly long time ago, when it comes to the 3D printing industry it might as well be decades. 3D printing and 3D scanning technology…

Wait…Let Me 3D Print a Cosplay Selfie

If you have ever wanted a statue of yourself, but failed to have the foresight necessary to have become pope or queen or some sort of national hero, then you’ve…

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