3D printed cell-based meat


8 Players Leading the 3D Printed Meat Revolution

Finding the perfect substitute for your meat seems like a mind twister. It’s not just about taste; meat lovers considering a move to the “artificial meats” side will demand similar…


Novameat 3D Prints “World’s Biggest” Cell-Based Meat Prototype

Alternative meat startup Novameat has unveiled what it calls the world’s biggest piece of cell-based, whole-cut meat analog. Since its foundation in 2018, the Barcelona-based startup has been 3D printing…


Aleph Farms and Mitsubishi Will Supply 3D Cultured Meat to Japan

Food tech startup Aleph Farms signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation‘s Food Industry Group to supply cultivated meat to Japan. The Israeli-based firm will deliver its proven, scalable manufacturing 3D…