3D bioprinted cultivated meat


A Decade of Progress in Cultured and Bioprinted Meat

Diving into the world of 3D bioprinted cultivated meat reveals a dynamic landscape where biotechnology, food science, and engineering converge. Despite its novelty, the industry has witnessed significant milestones in…


SuperMeat: the Future Intel of Cultured 3D Printed Chicken?

Commercializing cell-cultured meat is turning into a sought-after undertaking for food entrepreneurs. After Singapore became the first nation to approve the sale of cultivated meat in December 2020, the Israeli…


NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge: 3D Printed Steaks, Powders & Artificial Soil Among Phase I Winners

As NASA prepares to launch lunar missions sometime during the second half of the decade, building the roadblocks for a sustainable food system ready to support off-Earth exploration is crucial….

Asia’s Largest Food Companies Drive Bioprinted Meat in Asia with Aleph Farms

The cultivated meat world seems to be trying to disrupt the $800 billion meat market by growing steaks directly from animal cells that are not genetically engineered or immortalized. One…