MarkForged Announces UK’s CREAT3D as Mark One Composite 3D Printer Reseller

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CREAT3D, a company in the UK that specializes in retailing 3D printing equipment, is adding a real power punch to their lineup of 3D printers for distribution with the addition of the Mark One Composite 3D Printer.

When you hear the name MarkForged, you associate it with hardcore 3D printing—from the desktop, no less. Created by Greg Mark, an aerospace engineer who has a reputation for pushing the envelope with both his persistence and innovation in creating new products, the Mark One is famous for a few reasons besides creating products you will actually use, from musical instruments to motorcycle parts.

The Mark One allows you to print with carbon fiber. Bottom line, that means you can 3D print a part, at your desktop, that is as strong—or stronger—than metal. Not only that, this ‘wonder material’ is light. Responsible not only for a new material that can be used in 3D printing, the team at MarkForged has been responsible for creating a very special new desktop 3D printer that uses double extruders to use fused filament fabrication and composite filament fabrication for making extremely strong engineer grade, nylon 3D printed parts.

“We’re making the most mechanically robust desktop 3D printer. No other printer can match the printing repeatability and print head accuracy at this price,” said Greg Mark, Founder and CEO of MarkForged. “On top of that, we’ve commercialized the best method for printing usable parts with fiber reinforcement to enable faster design cycles and more meaningful prototype testing that will change the way products are developed for years to come.”

MF2014_HomeHero_R1_MK1The Mark One also allows you to easily embed a versatile array of items such as:

  • Electronics
  • Sensors
  • Ball bearings
  • Hard mounting points

You can do this from your desktop as well as stopping the print, removing the bed, adding components, and then clicking the bed back in to continue printing in exactly the same position.

The 3D printer comes with MarkForged’s cloud-enabled Eiger Software which affords users more efficient processing as well as easy access and a seamless avenue for collaboration. The Mark One connects via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB memory stick, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be adding the Mark One 3D printer to our existing line-up of high quality desktop 3D printers. As the UK’s supplier of MarkForged products, this printer offers an unparalleled ability to really push product design and development for both our business and higher-education customers,” said Simon Chandler, Managing Director of CREAT3D.

“With the ability to print in Nylon with fiber reinforcements, it provides the opportunity to create not only advanced prototypes, but high quality end-use parts. No other desktop 3D printer in the market today offers the same combination of high-strength functional prints, and low purchase and operating costs.”

markforgedMarkForged has positioned their 3D printer to succeed in the reseller market, and for a distributor like CREAT3D, allows them to offer a high-quality specialty printer to their client base. The Mark One was created with the idea of offering a wider range of capabilities for users, allowing them to produce powerful components from the desktop that are utilitarian to the highest degree.

“MarkForged is thrilled to partner with CREAT3D. CREAT3D’s wealth of knowledge about the desktop 3D printing market makes them a true value added reseller, providing superior pre-and-post sales support. We look forward to working together to expand use of the Mark One in the UK,” said Matt Katzman, Director of Sales at MarkForged.

CREAT3D has also strategically just announced the release of a new website, enhanced and tailored to their specific client base involved in education and business. They will also be offering finance packages to business customers for desktop 3D printers including the Mark One.

“The launch of our new website cements our position at the forefront of the UK desktop 3D printer market. We are now able to offer our customers both the best choice of 3D printers, and with our team’s in-depth knowledge and expertise, fully support our customers in all aspects of selecting, buying, using and maintaining their chosen printers,” said Chandler.

CREAT3D’s customers can look forward to more content in helping them to shop for 3D printers, with new resources to help with research, as well as offering tips on shopping for and buying a new 3D printer. They offer case studies as well as market news. Ordering is now easier from CREAT3D with ease in creating an account, finding stored details, and reviewing all previous orders as well as statuses on current ones. They also offer bundled value packs.

CREAT3D offers installation and training packages as well, made specific to the needs of each client. Repair and servicing packages are available, as well as having calibration services performed. CREAT3D offers even more spare parts and 3D printing accessories on their enhanced site as well.

For those interested in financing of 3D printers, CREAT3D is also the first reseller and 3D printing specialist in the UK to offer financing on equipment.

Are you interested in what the as Mark One offers in terms of 3D printing quality, strength, and innovation? Discuss your thoughts with us in the CREAT3D as Mark One Composite 3D Printer Reseller forum thread over at


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