UnionTech Unveils Advanced Photopolymer 3D Printing Systems and High-Temperature Resin at RAPID + TCT 2024

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RAPID + TCT 2024, held from June 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, marked a significant milestone for UnionTech, one of the largest 3D printing companies in China. The company showcased its latest innovations in 3D printing systems and advanced additive manufacturing solutions, making a notable impact on the event.

Introduction of the Lite600 2.0 System

A highlight of UnionTech’s presentation was the Lite600 2.0 system, an updated version of the well-known Lite600. The Lite600 2.0 is designed with a smaller size, reduced footprint, and lighter weight, making it an ideal solution for companies with limited workspace. This update allows companies to maximize their available space, potentially installing multiple machines where only one large machine could previously fit. Additionally, the compact design enhances mobility, enabling easy repositioning and reconfiguration, which is beneficial for dynamic work environments.

Key features of the Lite600 2.0 include:

Large-Format 3D Printing: With a build volume of 600 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm (144 liters), the Lite600 2.0 is capable of producing intricate prototypes, production parts, and end-use components.
Variable Laser Beam Technology: This feature allows the laser to adjust its beam size dynamically during the printing process, switching between a fine beam for detailed areas and a broader beam for faster filling of larger sections.
Innovative Liquid Level Control Algorithm: This algorithm maintains a stable resin level, preventing defects and ensuring accurate layer formation. It also optimizes resin usage, reducing waste and ensuring efficiency.

Launch of the Martrix300 Professional-Grade LCD Printer

UnionTech also introduced the Martrix300, the latest addition to its series of professional-grade LCD 3D printers. The Martrix300 features a build volume of up to 217 x 122 x 300 mm and includes several technological upgrades compared to its predecessors, the Martrix190 and Martrix520.

Key features of the Martrix300 include:

  • COB Light Source: The Martrix300 boasts a high rectangular resolution of 19×24μm and is equipped with a COB light source. This configuration provides single light irradiation without grid lines, ensuring over 90% printing uniformity and stronger light intensity compared to matrix light sources.
  • Gravity Pressure-Sensing Refilling: This system automatically adjusts the resin level during printing using mechanical principles, eliminating the need for manual refilling and enabling fully automated production.
  • Anti-Pressure Monitoring: To extend the printer’s lifespan and improve success rates, the anti-pressure detection system accurately senses the height of foreign objects, halting the printing process to prevent disruptions and minimize print failures.

Introduction of Temp-R220 High-Temperature Resistant Resin

UnionTech also showcased innovative materials from its subsidiary, Synthetic, including the Temp-R220 high-temperature resistant resin. This material features a heat deformation temperature exceeding 220°C and a long-term use temperature above 250°C. The Temp-R220 resin offers excellent strength and toughness, making it ideal for large-format SLA printers. It ensures better stability, reliable accuracy, and exceptional surface quality, even in complex environments.

Broader Applications of Additive Manufacturing

UnionTech’s latest offerings highlight the extensive applications of additive manufacturing technology across various fields. Initially focused on creating prototypes and samples, the industry is now shifting towards the direct production of final functional parts. While prototyping remains significant, the direct manufacturing of parts and components is rapidly increasing, with larger volumes being produced. UnionTech continues to explore new applications for additive manufacturing, driving innovation and efficiency in different industries.

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