Stratasys Buys Arevo’s Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Assets

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In its first major move since the year began, Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSYS) has announced the acquisition of Arevo Inc.’s technology portfolio, marking a strategic expansion of its capabilities in polymer 3D printing solutions. This development comes at a time when the industry is witnessing a shift in dynamics, with startups facing financial challenges and established firms consolidating their positions through strategic acquisitions.

Stratasys, known for its leadership in polymer additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, has incorporated Arevo’s advanced technology, including several foundational patents that advanced the state of fused deposition modeling (FDM) applications. With the purchase, Stratasys’s portfolio now boasts over 2,600 granted and pending patents.

The integration of Arevo’s innovations in carbon fiber printing and Z-strength enhancement through localized laser melting, in-situ and AI build monitoring, and roller compaction is expected to address some of the longstanding challenges in FDM 3D printing, such as part strength and build reliability.

“The technology we’ve acquired allows for increasingly improved isotropy of physical properties in FDM parts, which opens up additional use for customers,” said Rich Garrity, Stratasys’ Chief Industrial Business Officer. “This investment continues our commitment to focusing our organic and inorganic innovation on applications and use cases that provide real value to our manufacturing customers, ensuring that Stratasys will continue to be the most relevant and attractive partner moving forward.”

Despite initial backing from significant investors and the development of groundbreaking products like the fully 3D printed, carbon fiber reinforced e-bike and scooter frames, Arevo faced operational challenges that led to its eventual shutdown. The company was ultimately forced to auction off its assets earlier this year.

For its part, Stratasys spent most of 2023 seemingly fending off buyers in the form of 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) and Nano Dimension (Nasdaq: NNDM), which made yet another at acquiring Stratasys at the end of the year. At the same time, it was pursuing its own merger with Desktop Metal (NYSE: DM), which still has the potential to go through this year, despite a failed vote in 2023.

Given the fact that Arevo had to turn to auctioning its equipment, we can assume that Stratasys was able to acquire the technology at a substantial discount. Such is the situation that we have expected since the current economic environment began. This means that this is likely the first of a series of purchases we’re set to see play out throughout 2024.

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