The 8th Consecutive AM Salary Study from Alexander Daniels Global Launches

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Alexander Daniels Global, the specialist recruitment company for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, has initiated the data collection process for its annual global Additive Manufacturing Salary Survey. This marks the 8th consecutive year that the company has undertaken this comprehensive salary study, shedding light on critical aspects of the AM sector.

In recent years, the AM industry has witnessed significant transformations, with market consolidation emerging as a prominent trend, particularly in recent news with the Stratasys-3D Systems-Desktop Metal merger battle ongoing. As AM companies merge and expand, this has far-reaching implications for both talent and the job market within the industry. The 2024 survey takes a close look at the repercussions of market consolidation, making it more imperative than ever for businesses to grasp talent motivations and professionals to gauge hiring intentions amidst these shifts.

While last year’s survey delved into the impacts of AM’s integration into the wider supply chain, this year’s edition assumes even greater significance. It aims to unravel not only salary trends for 2024 but also provide valuable insights into the talent market dynamics, hiring landscape, and the evolving impacts of this pivotal moment in AM’s history. Many companies have been directly and indirectly affected by current merger talks, making it crucial – now more than ever – to assess what this means for professionals and organizations alike.

The 2024 survey seeks to address several pivotal questions through its spotlight topic of ‘Market Consolidation’ on the following:

  1. Innovation: How is/will market consolidation impact on the product development and innovation projects in the industry? How will this impact on the evolution of the workforce and the introduction of new players into the market?
  2. Compensation: What can the workforce expect from compensation trends in the market if companies consolidate? How will cost-reduction programs impact on the rationalization of the compensation landscape and how will this influence the addition of new Talent into the market?
  3. Staffing and Headcount: How big of an impact will lay-offs as result of consolidations have on the job and talent market? In which industries are laid-off professionals most likely to go to in search of their next opportunity?
  4. Financing and Funding: How are organizations being impacted by lack of funding in the industry? How will this in turn impact new innovation and development of the industry? Will this push companies towards further consolidation?
  5. Impacts on Customers / End Users: Is market consolidation positive or negative for customers and end users? How prepared are end users for short term instability following market consolidations? How will this affect customers going forward?

Considering the current landscape of the AM industry, Alexander Daniels Global anticipates that the 2024 survey results will diverge significantly from previous years. Founder and CEO, Nick Pearce, notes “the period of high wage growth and unquenchable demand for talent in the AM industry has come to an end! 2023 is being shaped not only by consolidation amongst some of the leading players in the industry but also inside organisations too, who look to ‘right-size’ their organizations for current market conditions.”

Participating in the survey offers numerous benefits, including early access to the comprehensive 2024 Salary Survey Report, scheduled for release in January.

For AM professionals and employers looking to contribute to the survey, detailed information can be found on the Alexander Daniels Global website. By sharing their insights, they play a crucial role in shaping the future of the additive manufacturing industry and the job market it encompasses.

– Employers can participate in this year’s survey here: https://survey.zohopublic.eu/zs/AvBjfP

– Professionals can take part in this year’s survey here: https://survey.zohopublic.eu/zs/8zBjsT

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the 2024 Salary Survey Report, which promises to be an illuminating resource for all stakeholders in the dynamic world of additive manufacturing.

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