3D Diplomacy: Luxembourg’s Ambassador Visits Altem’s 3D Printing Hub in India

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Altem Technologies, a leader in 3D printing and scanning, recently hosted a visit from Mrs. Peggy Frantzen, the Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to India. The meeting happened at Altem’s 3D Innovation Centre in Bangalore and offered a chance for both sides to discuss advancements in 3D technology and its real-world applications.

During her visit, Ambassador Frantzen was particularly interested in the partnership between Altem and Artec3D Luxembourg. Artec3D’s scanners have been crucial in multiple sectors, but their role in healthcare stands out. Displayed at the Innovation Centre, these scanners have changed the way custom prosthetics and orthotics are developed and offer new possibilities in healthcare by enabling the creation of personalized, detailed devices that significantly improve patient’s quality of life.

“Witnessing the tangible impact of Luxembourg’s technological innovations on improving lives globally is a source of immense pride. The collaboration between Altem Technologies and Artec3D has showcased our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare solutions,” said Ambassador Frantzen.

The Ambassador of Luxembourg to India, Peggy Frantzen, visits Altem. Image courtesy of Altem Technologies.

Altem has been instrumental in assisting various healthcare organizations in India, enabling them to switch to 3D Digital Workflows that ultimately refine and enhance patient care. Yet, the scope of 3D scanning technology extends beyond healthcare. With the aid of Artec3D’s scanners, Altem has been actively involved in preserving the rich cultural heritage of India. A striking example is the 3D digitization of ancient inscription stones in Bangalore. These stones, which bear inscriptions in the Kannada language dating back to around 750 AD, have been carefully scanned, ensuring that this valuable piece of history is preserved for future generations.

Udaykumar P.L., project director and founder of The Bangalore Inscriptions 3D Digital Conservation Project, celebrated the efficacy of the technology. “The precision and detail captured by Artec3D scanners, even in challenging outdoor conditions like mountains and forests, have been invaluable in our mission to digitize and preserve the rich history inscribed on these stones. These scanners have allowed us to uncover the past in ways we never could have imagined.”

Millennium-year-old inscriptions are being 3D digitally scanned on-site, and high-accuracy 3D models are developed from the scan data. The project team has also found many undocumented inscriptions during their fieldwork. These are digitally and physically conserved, and the information contained in them is used to unravel the history of Bangalore. The project team has digitally preserved over 400 inscriptions so far.

Altem Technologies Director Rajesh Mumbaraddi highlighted the importance of Luxembourg’s high-ranking official visit, saying that the event emphasized the global significance of their collaborative efforts and the transformative potential of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies in various fields. He further noted that the display of Artec3D’s advanced scanners, especially their impact on medical applications and heritage preservation, is a strong indicator of the evolution of technological innovation.

The 750CE Kittayya Hebbal Inscription was replicated using Artec’s Space Spider scanner and Stratasys 3D printing. This 3D printed model was instrumental in creating the mold for producing the brass replica. Image courtesy of Altem Technologies.

Located in the tech hub of Bangalore, Altem’s 3D Innovation Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Since its inception in 2010, the company has been focused on making big changes in the field of 3D scanning and printing for the country. The center is filled with the latest 3D scanners from Artec3D and a collection of high-quality fused deposition modeling (FDM), digital light processing (DLP), and Polyjet 3D printers from Stratasys.

Its Innovation Centre is more than just a showcase of new tech tools; it clearly shows Altem’s dedication to quality and groundbreaking changes. The company hosts many high state officials from India and other countries. For example, last week, the Minister of Health and Family Welfare of Gujarat, Shri Rushikesh Patel, saw how 3D printing can help innovate healthcare. At the same time, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri Abbaiah Narayanaswamy, was introduced to the workflow application of Artec 3D scanning and Stratasys 3D printing to produce healthcare prosthetics and orthotics devices.

Altem is also engaged in some high-end projects, such as working for customer Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on the third Indian lunar exploration mission, the Chandrayaan 3, which made a historic landing debut on the Moon’s south pole last week. Finally, in the private space, it supplies 3D printing technology to local and international big players in aerospace, automotive, dental, and medical, including Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Prahba Industries, and Medtronic.

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