Nourished Releases Vegetarian 3D Printed Collagen Gummies

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Nourished, known for creating customized 3D printed vitamin gummies, is expanding its offerings. Following collaborations with Colgate and raising over $11 million, Melissa Snover’s firm, which we discuss on the 3DPOD, is not resting on its laurels. In its most recent announcement, the company has introduced a vegetarian collagen gummy.

Nourished developed Collagen+ using Eggnovo’s Ovoderm, a vegetarian collagen derived from eggshell membranes. The company has released five different versions of Collagen+, each with different intended benefits, and all supplemented with Vitamin C. Consumers can order 28x 3D-printed gummy stacks for £44.99 or opt for a £40.49 monthly subscription. The products include:

  • Collagen+ Hair, Skin and Nails, featuring Selenium and Biotin as ingredients;
  • Collagen+ Joints and Recovery, which includes Hydrocurc, Black Pepper Extract, K2 Vital Delta, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C;
  • Collagen+ Sleep, featuring Ashwaghanda and 5-HTP;
  • Collagen+ Energy, with Ferrous Citrate, Vitamin B12, Maca Powder;
  • Collagen+ Age Rewind, with CoQ10 and Resveratrol. It is touted to “increase skin firmness by 51 percent.”

At Nourished, we’re passionate about innovating the way that people approach their health goals– focusing on personalised solutions to help consumers feel the biggest impact from their nutrition regime. That’s why we chose to expand our offering to collagen and create the Collagen+ range: reaping collagen’s numerous benefits, from joint health to supporting healthy hair, skin and nails and more. But this product isn’t just about health; it’s about convenience and enjoyment. We’ve crafted this with the busy, health-conscious person in mind. It’s a delicious, practical way to incorporate collagen into your routine, without compromising on your dietary choices,” said Nourished Founder and CEO Melissa Snover.

A vegetarian option aligns with the growing demand for vegetarian products. Furthermore, substances like collagen and Hydrocurc (a form of curcumin derived from turmeric) are garnering increasing attention in the wellness sector. Other ingredients, such as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and K2 Vital Delta, may be less known but are still trending in the supplements market. Peruvian in origin, Maca root has been much hyped of late for all sorts of reasons.

What sets Nourished’s 3D printed gummies apart is their adaptability. The company’s flexible operation allows it to quickly incorporate the latest trending vitamins or compounds, keeping its supplements current. While other firms may stick to a particular formula, Nourished is adaptable, in large part due to the ability to mix ingredients into its 3D printing technology.

This responsiveness could give Nourished a competitive edge in the crowded supplements market, with the allure of 3D printing adding to its appeal. Expanding into various health concerns with specific formulations could also be an intelligent strategy. With gummies catering to needs like menopause, PCOS, sleep, sexual health, inner beauty, gaming, and frequent traveling, Nourished has something for everyone. The promise of personalized gummies could even make Nourished an attractive acquisition target for larger corporations.

So far, Nourished reports selling 6 million stacks, a commendable accomplishment that could potentially multiply under the management of a corporation like Unilever.

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