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Neutrogena and Nourish3D Launch 3D Printed Skin Health Supplements


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Neutrogena is teaming up with UK 3D printed gummy vitamin pioneer Nourish3D to create a daily skin-nutrient supplement for skin health. The result is a skin nutrient gummy called Skinstacks that the duo debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 5, 2023.

Through a limited-time collaboration, the “Nourish3D by Neutrogena” product combines over 90 years of skin health expertise, artificial intelligence (AI), and cutting-edge 3D printing technology that the companies claim creates a seven-layer supplement for skin care. According to information released this week, consumers are expected to “holistically advance their skin health goals and power up their skin vitals from the inside out.”

Skinstacks by Neutrogena and Nourish3D. Image courtesy of Nourish3D.

Uniquely designed for each person’s skin needs, Skinstacks is powered by Neutrogena’s patented Skin360 technology, an iPhone-based skin analysis tool released in 2018. Designed to evaluate the condition of a user’s skin, the innovation helps the company provide personalized skincare advice. To that end, the technology primarily relies on biometric information, including scans of the facial geometry of the user. Although Neutrogena has been accused of breaching private biometric information at least twice via class action suits, the company continues to rely on the technology for some of its most highly publicized products, like the Skinstacks. In fact, with Skin360, finding a customized stack of gummies is simple and can be done online here.

Skin360 technology by Neutrogena takes facial scan. Image courtesy of Neskincare.

First, users get a face scan and answer a short questionnaire about their skincare routine and goals, including questions like what’s your primary skin goal? or what is your skincare routine? and even inquiries as to what the weather is like where the user lives. Choosing between anti-aging, sensitive skin, and many other concerns will help the system channel users’ demandss.

The results from the scan are immediately available (as shown in the image below). Then, based on the answers, users will receive a recommendation for a particular Skinstack. Each stack comprises “scientifically-backed ingredients to support healthy skin,” states Neutrogena. So, for example, the Clear Skinstack – for clear skin – will contain a special combination of vitamins A, E, C, and D3, as well as Selenium, Hydrocurc, and Zinc. Similarly, the Resilient Skinstack – for sensitive skin – will add nutrients like CoQ10 and Riboflavin to the combination.

Results Results from Skin360 face scan by Neutrogena

Once the user has been shown which stack is the perfect match, it can be purchased for $49.99 via Nourish3D’s website. Each box of the Skinstack contains 28 skin health gummies designed to be taken daily, and every nutrient stack is coated in one of five sugar-free flavor options, watermelon, peach, tangy cherry, tangy apple, and mixed berries.

This is not the first time Nourish3D has engaged in a limited partnership. In March 2022, the startup began to offer 3D printed supplements to improve oral health called Nutristacks thanks to a deal with Colgate (NYSE: CL). It also has a wide selection that covers needs like prenatal vitamins, sleep deprivation, and jet lag.

Like all the other gummies produced by Nourish3D, Skinstacks are 3D printed using unique proprietary technology, and all ingredients are naturally sourced, vegan, and come from UK suppliers. In addition, the startup has developed its printers in-house to be able to make custom vitamin concoctions to order.

With a reputation as an up-and-coming food tech innovator, Nourish3D is led by Melissa Snover, who previously led the Magic Candy Factory 3D printer. This firm made unique candy shapes with 3D printing. She later shifted her entrepreneurial spirit towards customized gummy nutritional supplements after realizing it was a niche market with a lot of potentials.

3D printed supplement gummies by Nourish3D. Image courtesy of Nourish3D.

With the launch of the specialized gummies at CES 2023, Neutrogena’s Global Marketing Director Logan McGill said the company is taking “the next step in personalization.” In fact, this could be the right move for Neutrogena, especially considering that The Benchmarking Company states 76% of consumers expect beauty brands to offer dietary supplements that complement their traditional topical product offerings, such as skin care and hair ,and body care. Another point in its favor is that the supplements industry, reached an all-time high in 2019, and in the US alone, it has grown 1.5 percent per year on average between 2018 and 2023.

You can find out more about our SKINSTACKS by visiting the link here.

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