Free Patriotic 3D Prints to Celebrate the Fourth of July

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In just a few days, people across the United States will be celebrating Independence Day, perhaps better known as the Fourth of July. In addition to fireworks, parades, backyard barbecues, and wearing a lot of red, white, and blue, we think another great way to celebrate this most patriotic of holidays is by 3D printing! We’ve put together a handy roundup of free 3D printable models, pulled from four popular websites.

Scream Fireworks Launch Pad

Is it really Independence Day without the potential for bodily harm by way of backyard bottle rockets and fireworks? Mattew_var from Thingiverse created this simple stand that holds five small rockets, and was printed out of white PLA on a Creality Ender 3 Pro with no rafts or supports, 30% infill, and 0.16 mm resolution. The darker marks seen in the photo are from the first few rocket tests.

“A little basic 3 component printable stand to hold your firework. It was designed with a 5mm hole on it to fit the basic scream rocket, but of course you can scale it up with the same ratio.”

A little disclaimer: please use caution with fireworks, no matter the size.

4th of July tops

Now for something a little safer! Thingiverse user pboldrey made these cute patriotic top toys, which were described as a “fun build” and require a total of eight STL files to make.

Flagpole Mount – 3/4 pole

If you display the stars and stripes, Thingiverse user SirLancaster has you covered with this mount for your 3/4″ OD flag pole! After purchasing a U.S. flag and pole from Walmart last year, he found that the included mount did not work well, failing on “the first basic wind day.” So he created one that would last longer, 3D printing this out of PETG for increased strength and stability in an outdoor environment. Five #8 stainless steel screws are required to secure the mount.

If you have smaller flags, I suggest this Double Flag Holder Mount by Thingiverse user MikeyWires, printed in two hours using 1.75 mm TPU. The density of the model was 30%, with a 0.3 mm layer height, rectilinear infill pattern, and concentric fill pattern for the top and bottom of the mount.


Cults3D user U3dPrintIt created this cool patriotic 3D printed phone stand, “designed to celebrate the values of America – liberty, freedom, and the enduring spirit of our nation.” The base rotates, which means you can display “America,” “Liberty,” or “Freedom” at the bottom. The stand, measuring 153 x 149 x 149 mm, holds a phone between a 55-70° angle for comfortable viewing and interaction, and requires no supports or rafts, but it is recommended that you add a skirt for printing. The recommended layer height is .16 – .20, and recommended infill is 10-15%.

“Print the first layer slow so that the print in place word on the bottom prints properly and sticks to the bed. You may have to gently rotate the words after you remove it from the build plate to free up any stringing that may be in between.”

USA – Flag Coaster

All parts of this flag coaster were 3D printed separately, and Cults3D user DanySanchez says a textured metal bed allows you to “achieve that rugged look only on the red and blue parts.” You just need to remember to flip the STL file 180° first. The white part has to be printed normally, unless supports are used for the parts in which the other colors fit. There’s enough tolerance in the parts for easy assembly, though minor cleaning may be necessary, “especially if your printer produces blobs, zits or elephant foot.” To finish the coaster, set all the parts on a cork or felt circle and glue them on.

“YIPPEE-KI-YAY! If you are American, a vexillologist, feel like every day is 4th of July, or simply don’t know what to do with your color filaments, this Flag Coaster collection is for you!”

US Flag Necklace Pendant

You’ll be the belle of the ball (or parade or barbecue, whatever) with one of these 3D printed American flag pendants by Cults3D user Hampstonater. Layers were used to add red, white, and blue colors in four places on the necklace pendant.

“Designed to be 40 mm by 25 mm by 2.4 or 3.4.”

Map Of The United States

What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation’s independence than with this 3D printed map of the country? MyMiniFactory user AndrewKreczko says it’s an easy, support-free print that not only looks cool, but can also help kids “learn geography and learn where all of the states are located.”

Independence Day

This model by MyMiniFactory user SelfCAD was designed using SelfCAD software and includes a step-by-step tutorial if you want to make one as a decoration for your home, or maybe as a party favor. The video teaches you how to create the basic shape and lines of the model, the stars for the flag, the eagle’s basic shape, the frame, and how to add text.

“Independence Day is just around the corner. It’s one of the best American holidays, both for what is celebrated that day, as well as how it is celebrated. So by all means, host a barbecue, have a few beers, and light off some fireworks! Check out the video and see what SelfCAD has prepared for this day.”

Independence Day Bow Tie

You’ll look as dashing as Captain America in this 3D printed bow tie, designed by Pinshape user JRClem. It’s meant to be segmented so it can be “joined by string and flex,” and be printed in multiple colors. This was printed on a Monoprice Maker Select with no rafts, a 0.2 mm resolution, and a 20-30% infill. Most pieces won’t require supports if they’re printed with the flat side down, but they are recommended for the innermost segment of the bow.

“Glue the center sections and thread each lobe to it one at a time using fishing line or stretchy jewelry string. Finally, Glue the clip if you want to wear it as a bowtie or don’t if you want to glue it as something else.”

Made in USA Stamp

Pinshape user FORMBYTE designed this 3D printed stamp, which allows makers and small manufacturers in the U.S. to certify their American brand. You can also just use it for fun 4th of July crafts with the kids! The recommended settings for extrusion-based 3D printers are a 0.1 mm layer height, 30-50% infill, and a print speed of 30 mm per second.

“Turn up the pattern surface to keep fine details of the stamp (avoid supports removal, which might damage the stamp details).”

Happy 4th of July, and as always, happy 3D printing!

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