re:3D’s 2023 Gigaprize: Empowering Change-Makers with 3D Printing


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Pioneering 3D printing technology company re:3D has launched this year’s Gigaprize campaign with an inspiring pledge: for every 100 industrial 3D printers sold, it will be donating a large-format Gigabot 4 industrial 3D printer to an individual or organization committed to making a difference in their community.

This generous initiative aims to harness the potential of 3D printing technology to drive innovation and positive change at a grassroots level. By making its Gigabot 4 technology accessible to “change-makers,” re:3D hopes to foster a wave of creative and socially-conscious solutions to community challenges.

This year’s Gigaprize is being managed by Ryan Murray, a recent Emory University MBA graduate dedicated to refining Gigaprize’s framework to make the application and donation process more efficient in response to the increasing demand for this opportunity.

“I’m excited to lead this year’s Gigaprize effort and can’t wait to see the innovative ways in which our Gigabot 4 printer can help make some dreams become a reality,” says Murray, who is currently a supply chain and engagement consultant intern at re:3D.

re:3D’s Gigaprize campaign. Image courtesy of re:3D.

Applications for the 2023 Gigaprize opened June 1, 2023, and will be run until June 30, 2023, at 11:59 PM Central Time. To apply, individuals or organizations must create and upload a short three-minute video demonstrating how a Gigabot 4 could aid in accomplishing their mission. In addition, they need to complete a brief questionnaire.

As part of the competition, all submitted videos will be posted on the official re:3D YouTube channel. A portion of the final score will be determined by the number of “likes” each video collects, adding an element of public participation to the process.

A few days ago, re:3D spotlighted the first entrant in the Gigaprize competition: Bean Path. This non-profit organization from Jackson, Mississippi, offers technical advice and guidance to both individuals and small businesses. Aspiring to secure a Gigabot for its Makerspace, Bean Path Founder and AI researcher Nashlie Sephus aims to introduce children and local residents to novel technologies, expanding horizons and unlocking endless possibilities.

re:3D’s Gigabot 4 printer. Image courtesy of re:3D.

Judging will take place over the first two weeks of July and will be done by external experts with diverse experiences and expertise to ensure fairness. The panel includes Khaalid McMillan, Chair of the Additive Manufacturing Council at IBM; Sabine Berendse, Founder of Green Phenix; NASA Program Executive Jason Kessler and Professor and Open Lab Founder Andrea Santos. The winner will be determined based on three components: originality and impact, feasibility and drive, and dedication demonstrated in their application. Once the winner is announced, re:3D will begin building the printer for shipment in October 2023.

Commenting on the initiative, re:3D CEO Samantha Snabes told “As a social enterprise, we at re:3D are eager to learn how we can better assist those with a heart for community service in the post-pandemic era. The applicants of the Gigaprize fuel our outreach efforts and inspire us to dream big and print huge (#DreamBigPrintHUGE)!”

Previous Gigaprize winners include Magic Wheelchair from Portland, Oregon, which creates 3D printed Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs; the Tunapanda Institute, which has incorporated region-specific 3D printing into its educational curriculum and opportunities to serve community needs in Kenya; and 3D Mulp, an organization working to build electric prosthetic arms for child amputees in Bogota, Colombia.

With the 2023 Gigaprize campaign, re:3D not only fosters technological innovation but also encourages social responsibility. As this exciting competition unfolds, many organizations anticipate how their transformative ideas will be brought to life with 3D printing.

If you want to participate in the Gigaprize campaign, you can apply here or contact To all hopeful applicants, we wish you good luck and happy 3D printing!

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