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When it comes to industrial 3D printing, the choice of material is crucial for achieving high-quality results. For 3 decades the range of Windform composites has been leading the way for highest mechanical performances in Selective Laser Sintered Parts. Windform powders have been widely adopted by large and medium-sized businesses, for their ability to produce ultra tough and durable parts relying on Powder Bed Fusion Technology.

Lessons Learned from the Aerospace and Motorsport Industry

With the widest choice of carbon and glass fibers variants, Windform’s range counts on a solid reputation thanks to the outstanding industrial applications supplied to demanding industries from space agencies to main F1 teams and cult brands in the automotive industry.

CRP Technology, the creator of Windform, has been partnering for more than 15 years with CRP USA which contributed to mark new milestones in the most challenging and harsh 3D printed applications arena. CRP USA provideS expert industrial 3D printing services for critical applications where performances are a must and failure is not an option.

CRP USA’s built up considerable experience supplying cutting edge solutions for space key industry leaders gathering the interest of the most important bodies involved in space engineering and is the favorite technological partner of innovative space applications such as CubeSat where the challenge of multiple electronics boards integration in small room has been won thanks to the Windform properties.

By leveraging their deep AM knowledge and expertise, CRP USA offers reliable and high-quality SLS solutions certified in accordance with ASD9100 for the most demanding Aviation and Aerospace applications.

The American team contributed to setting “the gold standard for quality and performances” in the industry. Ranking from identification of most effective tactics to  achieve difficult design goals to the development of the best operational plan to transition from traditional manufacturing methods to the AM.

Market-driven Material Advancements and Real-Time Quality Tracking

CRP services count on a unique match of advancement in the materials supply with the personalized consultancy at every stage of the project in order to enable the smooth transition from traditional to digital manufacturing.

No on-line nor automatic quoting but personalized feasibility study, project improvements and thorough budgetary estimation which let you get the most efficient result in terms of investments versus result. “We provide practical and personalized guidance on how to apply the digital manufacturing in Windform to each business thanks to hundreds of real-World Examples that led to the achievement of pioneristic design goals.

CRP’s Advanced Quality Tracking system lets us monitor the progress of ongoing manufacturing stages and detect eventual issues in real time, in order to let you achieve high and consistent performance results.

Real World Example of Driving Criticality while Increasing Performances

FLYING-CAM, the world leader in unmanned helicopters and drone filming services, recently turned to Windform for crucial parts of its super drone Discovery. This is a prime example of how driving criticality while increasing performances can be achieved through efficient digital manufacturing in Windform. The use of high-quality Windform materials allowed FLYING-CAM to create reliable and efficient parts for their drone, ensuring top-notch performance and safety during filming operations.

The added value Windform parts for FLYING-CAM super drone Discovery

The tail rotor gear box housing needed to be extremely lightweight, rigid and reliable being a definitely crucial component designed to be clamped on the tail boom and to support a carbon plate for tail rotor ground protection.  Windform XT 2.0 accomplished such demanding requirements providing excellent stress resistance and meeting all designers specifications.

“The most innovative aspect in enlisting the 3D printing process in Windform XT 2.0 is the free shape design, which is important for aerodynamic purpose, as well as the ability to create complex, functional parts such as wiring channels inside with strong attachment point, in one unique piece. This is a very added-value that perfectly suited our purposes and standards.”

The Role of Industrial 3D Printing in Windform for Safety-Critical Industries

In safety-critical industries, such as automotive manufacturing, the reliability and safety of components is of utmost importance. One such component is the Driver Airbag (DAB) housing, which must inflate and protect the passenger in a matter of milliseconds. To ensure the highest level of performance, Joyson Safety Systems’ Core Innovations team turned to industrial 3D printing in Windform.

The DAB Housing 3D printed in Windform outperforms the traditional one

After extensive research and testing, the team selected Windform SP as the ideal material for the DAB housing. Windform SP offers exceptional strength, impact resistance, and heat stability, outperforming components produced with traditional technologies. By using Selective Laser Sintering technology with Windform SP, the team was able to produce airbag holders in a matter of days, ensuring the highest level of reliability and safety for drivers and passengers. The role of industrial 3D printing in safety-critical industries cannot be overstated, as it allows for the production of complex and reliable components with unmatched speed and precision.

About Windform Range of Composites

The range encompasses one of the richest carbon and glass fiber selections of advanced materials for SLS/PBF Technology.

Windform is a suitable alternative to steel in the construction of Space and Aviation applications thanks to their peculiar characteristics such as hardness, fatigue resistance, low outgassing, temperature stability and light weight.

Windform composites are also a popular choice for industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, where resistance to corrosion, shock, fire, and water is essential. With their exceptional durability and lightweight properties, Windform composites are a reliable alternative to steel in a variety of applications.

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