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On November 10, 2022, a week ahead of Formnext,, SmarTech Analysis, and Stifel’s Global Technology Investment Banking Group will be hosting a free online event that will give attendees unprecedent insight into the financial landscape of the 3D printing industry. Over the course of two panels and three hours, attendees will have a chance to listen to 3D printing CEOs, analysts, investment bankers, and a venture capital director discuss the financial state of the industry.

To prepare attendees for the event, we are profiling the panelists involved. In a previous article, we discussed the AM financiers participating in AM Investment Strategies. Here, we’ll take a brief look at the executives that will be spread out across the two panels of the event.

Panel 1


Max Lobovsky, CEO of Formlabs.

A manufacturer of low-cost, professional 3D printers, double unicorn Formlabs is a uniquely successful startup in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector and its CEO, Max Lobovsky, will be participating on Panel 1, from 9:00am to 10:30am. During last year’s AM Investment Strategies, Lobovsky had strong opinions on such topics as whether or not his firm would go public. He may have since been vindicated, due to the faltering climate for SPAC companies.


Velo3D CEO Benny Buller.

One of the most exciting startups in the AM industry today, Velo3D represents a sort of benchmark for the status of the sector. The company’s tightly controlled metal laser powder bed fusion (PBF) technology has been used by numerous manufacturers to produce unique parts for high-performance sectors ranging from space to oil and gas. CEO Benny Buller will be able to discuss his firm’s SPAC journey and the state of the industry now as it compared to when he first entered the market.

3D Systems

3D Systems President and CEO Dr. Jeffrey Graves.

3D Systems President and CEO Dr. Jeffrey Graves. Image courtesy of 3D Systems.

As the inventor of 3D printing, 3D Systems is in a novel position in our first panel, as it has continuously transformed alongside the industry as a whole. CEO Jeff Graves has taken the 3D printing stalwart in a new direction more recently, expanding its focus from industrial products to regenerative medicine, all while streamlining the company’s entire operation. How has this approach worked out for 3D Systems so far?


Markforged CEO Shai Terem.


On the heels of a SPAC IPO, Markforged remains one of the sector’s most promising firms with its broad range of specialty 3D printing technologies. Most recently, the business entered the metal binder jet space with the acquisition of Digital Metal, instantly shifting the competition of this burgeoning sector. President & CEO Shai Terem’s insight into the road toward mass production of 3D printed metal parts will be invaluable in this regard.

Panel 2

Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop.

Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop.

Representing one of the most exciting companies in AM, Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop will be present on our second panel of the day. Kicking off the SPAC IPO trend, Desktop Metal has been shaking up the industry altogether, making some interesting and potentially controversial acquisitions. Is it on track to become the AM behemoth it seeks to be? With the largest market share in metal binder jetting, there is a distinct possibility.


Stratasys CEO Yoav Zeif.

Alongside Panel 1’s 3D Systems, Stratasys is the most established 3D printer OEM in the market. Not only does it have the largest market share in 3D printing, but its acquisition of several firms along with internal developments has given it a broad range of five AM technologies. CEO Yoav Zeif will be on board to discuss if he is able to successfully integrate these new businesses amid a turbulent economy.

Fathom Manufacturing


Ryan Martin at Fathom's manufacturing facility.

Fathom Manufacturing CEO Ryan Martin.

Fathom Manufacturing is a unique player in the 3D printing services space, as it was essentially created by investment firm CORE Industrial Partners. CEO Ryan Martin has guided the business as it has made numerous acquisitions in an attempt to build one of North America’s leading 3D printing service bureaus. How has it’s SPAC IPO impacted its fortunes?

ASTRO America

Neal Orringer, President & Co-Founder of ASTRO America.

ASTRO America is a standout among this crowd. Not a 3D printing company, but a non-profit 3D printing think tank, the organization is made up of AM and U.S. military veterans. This is particularly true of  President & Co-Founder Neal Orringer, who has worked in a number of roles in the U.S. government and with 3D Systems. The group is closely affiliated with the Biden administration’s AM Forward program and Orringer will likely have keen insight into how this initiative can present opportunities for AM investment from our panelists and beyond.


Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D. Image courtesy of Morf3D.

Morf3D is specialty AM service bureau acquired recently by Nikon. With everything it takes to manufacture high-performance items for high-performance sectors, including space and aerospace, the company represents a new generation of service bureaus that are capable of producing the highest standards of parts for industrial giants. CEO Ivan Madera is in a novel position to discuss how to successfully scale a business, secure investments, and thrive within a rapidly growing and competitive space.

Representing just a handful of the panelists participating in in the two roundtables of the day, these three experts are wealth of knowledge unto themselves. To register for the event, visit the AM Investment Strategies 2022 page.

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