The 10 Most Viewed 3D Printed Products From Shapeways for November – $10K Cat, Dice & More


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Last month, we reported on the top 10 most viewed 3D printed products for the month of October. It included some very interesting designs, by some very talented designers. This month, thanks to Shapeways, and especially Savannah Peterson, the leader of the Global Community Team for the company, we have been provided with November’s top viewed products as well. This month’s list is almost entirely different form last month’s, except for one single item which has made the top 10, two months counting (Botanical Dice Set). We do see a large crossover between the top sellers for the month of November with this list however, as four products have made both top 10 lists this month.

#1 – Gyro the Cube
While this 3D printed object comes in at #9 this month, I think it may just be the coolest item on this list. It is a kinetic sculpture which features four independent cubes that move with only the slightest burst of air or movement of one’s hand. A bit of a legend within the realm of 3D printing, when it was first released many people didn’t believe that the video depicting how easily the cubes move within one another was legitimate. Being around for over five years now, this continues to be a top seller on the Shapeways marketplace. Designer Stijn van der Linden explains how this printed object works:

“The sculpture is composed of four concentric cubes, each one spinning around a different axis. But it needs to be aligned after you receive it: Each inner cube has two knobs which need to be placed into the corresponding clamps in the parent cube. It’s easiest to start with the inner most and continue outward. Do not be alarmed if your cube will not run smoothly at first! Because of minor variations in the 3d printing process, sometimes a fresh cube needs to wear in a little, but it will loosen up very quickly.”

Priced at only $25.00, this is a must-have for anyone looking to have an attention grabber on their coffee table this holiday season.

#2 – Heavy Breathing Cat
For those meme fans out there, this is the top meme on this list, which features several. Heavy Breathing Cat is available to purchase in full color sandstone for only $15.00 or precious metal for a ridiculously high prices. You can grab a 14K gold version for a whopping $10,000. I must say he is quite adorable, but $10,000 worth of adorability?  I don’t think so!

#3 – An Itty Bitty Sad Keanu
Keanu is all over the top Shapeways lists lately. Besides being featured on this list previously, he also made the list of top sellers this month. This meme has been one of the top products on Shapeways for quite some time now. It features a miniature figure of actor Keanu Reeves in a rather slumped, pouting position. Designed by neuralfirings, this is quite the unique piece for fans of, or perhaps even haters of, Keanu — and even of Keanu himself (check out the photo of real-Keanu holding small-Keanu on Shapeways’ listing!). Without a doubt, this would be a perfect attention grabber, no matter where you elect to put it. It comes 3D printed in full color sandstone, and is available in two size options, with this version measuring 1.481 w x 2.624 d x 1.755 h inches, and priced at $25.00.

#4 – Botanical Dice Set
Savannah Peterson of Shapeways told me that 3D printed dice are one of the most popular items to sell on the marketplace. What is it about dice that makes them so intriguing? I honestly don’t know, but I have several high quality dice sets of my own sitting right on my bedroom dresser. Created by a designer who goes by ceramicwombat, these dice are based on plants found in his native state of Michigan. Something else that makes this product so interesting is the fact that these dice are available in many different materials, ranging from different colored plastic to colored steel. The price range is equally extensive, with the plastic dice starting at $44 for the entire set, and going up to $144 for the polished gold steel version.

#5 – Doge
Also on this month’s top seller list, Doge seems to be becoming a Shapeways sensation.  For those who are unaware, Doge is a meme that originated back in 2005, although it didn’t really become an internet sensation until 2010, when a woman named Atsuko Sato posted photos of a Shiba Inu dog that she had adopted. In those photos, the dog, named Kabosu, had strange looks on her face, including one where she was looking sideways at the camera with her eyebrows raised. Now, fans of the meme (which features questionable grammar choices to explain feelings and reactions) can have their very own 3D printed version of Doge sitting on their couch, desk, bed, or wherever their hearts desire. Priced at $19.99, this full color 3D printed sandstone version would make a perfect gift for that internet nerd who we all know.

#6 – Grumpy Cat
Coming in at #7 on the top sellers list this month, “Grumpy Cat” warrants a #6 spot as far as popularity goes. For those of you unfamiliar with “Grumpy Cat,” who is really a cat named Tardar Sauce, now is the time to hear about this internet sensation. She was born in 2012, and has since become quite the internet sensation, most notably for her “grumpy” facial expressions. She maintains a following of over 7 million on Facebook, and now, thanks to a man named Manuel Poehlau, she can be purchased in 3D printed form. Measuring in at 2.137 w x 2.756 d x 2.211 h inches, this cute little grumpy feline can be purchased for only $25.00 on Shapeways.

#7 – Thorn Dice Set with Decader
Yet another set of dice makes this month’s list. This time it is the Thorn Dice Set, which is available in a multitude of colors and materials. Of course the metal version looks and feels the best, but a 3D printed nylon plastic set will only cost you $39.00, while the metal versions start at $99.00. While we are told that the pictures don’t do this set justice, we must admit they do look pretty amazing.

#8 – Over the Top 17x17x17 Part 1 of 27

topshape8baThis has to be the coolest design on this month’s top viewed products list. It actually holds an official Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest order Rubik’s Cube (magic cube). Designed by Oskar Van Deventer, who we did a story on back in January, it would certainly make for the perfect gift for that person who thinks they can solve any puzzle imaginable. Van Deventer is famous for designing and selling hundreds of unique puzzles, which includes this record breaker. Priced at $581.50, it certainly isn’t going to be a stocking stuffer this holiday season unless you are Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

#9 – Wired Life Stag
This 3D print utilizes a type of design that we are beginning to see become more and more popular within the 3D printing space. It’s called wire frame 3D printing, and it is beneficial for many reason. The greatest benefit of course being the fact that very little material is needed for a print, which also saves a ton of time. This Wire Life Stag is 3D printed in either white or black nylon plastic, and is available for just $44.00. It is just one of many wire frame 3D prints that designer Vijay Paul has created.

“The Wired Life Head Collection is an ongoing experiment to create designs which push the boundaries and get the most out of 3D printing,” explains Paul. “The trophy heads offer an attractive design and by using minimum material reduce weight and printing cost.”

This model is available in all different sizes, ranging from 75mm all the way up to 500mm.

#10 – Present – Centrifugal Puzzle Box
Last but certainly not least on this month’s top viewed Shapeways products list is this incredibly interesting puzzle box. Shaped similarly to a wrapped present, this would make for the perfect holiday gift for that puzzle lover in your family, and you won’t have to spend $581.50 to get this one. Priced at $80, the Centrifugal Puzzle Box will provide hours of fun while you are sipping that eggnog later this month.

Designed by Alex Maund, it does require the additional purchase of four 6mm ball bearings which can be purchased for pennies on the dollar.

“At first this puzzle box looks complicated and difficult to solve, the lid holds four letter selectors that can each be rotated to select one of six letters that click into place providing 1,296 (6^4) possible combinations of letters that can be selected by the user,” explained Maund. “However don’t be fooled, these letter selectors do absolutely nothing to help you to unlock the puzzle box and are purely a distraction to confuse and prolong the users frustration (and fun!). The puzzle box can only (but not obviously) be unlocked by spinning the box on a flat surface, the lid can then be simply lifted off and the gift inside retrieved. The box can then be locked again by placing the lid back on and lightly shaking the box to engage the locks.”

Check out the video showing how this puzzle works below:

There you have it! This month’s top 10 most viewed products from the Shapeways marketplace. Which of these do you like the best? Have you or will you be purchasing any of these? Discuss in the Top 10 Viewed Shapeways Products forum thread on

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