Shapeways’ Top 10 Selling 3D Printed Products for November 2014 – Doge, Grumpy Cat, & More


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Last month, we reported on the top 10 selling 3D printed products on the Shapeways marketplace, with the Moto 360 Bumper Case topping the charts as far as sales go. In fact, two different versions of the bumper case made the top two spots on the list. For the month of November, however, we see some newcomers to the list, while some of last month’s top sellers remain. Thanks to Savannah Peterson, leader of the Global Community Team at Shapeways for providing us with their top sellers once again this month. November features the sale of several popular memes, as well as unique cases for mobile devices. Check out the top 10 sellers for the month of November, below:

#1 – Microsoft Band Charging Stand
shapeways-1This month’s top spot belongs to a product created by a man named Sean Hodgins, who had recently purchased the Microsoft Band fitness tracker, but wanted a way to display his device while it was charging.

“The charging system works well, but I don’t like the way it sits on a surface when the cable is connected,” explained Hodgins. “The wire sticks up straight and just isn’t very visually appealing. I decided to design this stand so you can keep the cable in order as well as use the band as a clock/alarm when it’s in the charger. It is a nice way to support the band while it is charging.”

So Hodgins turned to his 3D design ability to create this innovative, unique charging stand, which gives your Microsoft Band the opportunity to double as a desk clock/alarm. Printed in black nylon plastic, with a nice matte finish, it can be purchased for only $15.00. Hodgins also offers metal bases for his stand, to help give it a bit more weight so that it isn’t as easily knocked over as the pure nylon version.

#2 – GoPro Zenmuse Bracket H3 3D
Last month the GoPro Zenmuse Bracket, by Boarz Designs, made the top 10 list. This month another Boarz Designs product makes the list. This is virtually the same product, except that it is intended for use with the H3 3D. It provides additional area, added to place more pressure on the GoPro in the H3 3D gimbal. Its purpose is to do away with all of the pesky screws needed on traditional brackets. Available in 12 different colors of nylon, which is polished to reveal a smooth matte finish, it can be purchased for a mere $11.79.

#3 – Pocket Clip for Fitbit Flex
shapeways-3Moving up from 6th place on last month’s list is the Pocket Clip for the Fitbit Flex. For those unfamiliar with this cool little device, the Fitbit Flex is quite the useful gadget. It is a wristband that tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, and sleep quality, and has the ability to silently wake its wearer up after falling asleep. Some individuals, however, may not want to wear this device on their wrist all the time. No one wants to wear a wristband when they are getting dressed up for a night on the town, or perhaps having an important meeting with a client. While the band is very attractive looking, it just isn’t feasible to display it on your arm 100% of the time. This $8.99 3D printed clip allows for the Fitbit Flex to be clipped onto a change pocket, shirt pocket, or even the fold of your clothing. Available in 10 different colors, this is a must-have for all of those Fitbit users out there.

#4 – An Itty Bitty Sad Keanu
shapeways-4It doesn’t get much worse for poor little Itty Bitty Sad Keanu (Reeves), does it? Last month Keanu finished third on the top 10 list, and he was still quite sad. This month it gets worse as he slips a spot to come in fourth on the list. This meme features a miniature figure of actor Keanu Reeves in a rather slumped, pouting position. Designed by neuralfirings, this is quite the unique piece for fans, or perhaps even haters, Keanu. This would be a terrific attention grabber, no matter where you elect to place it, whether it be on your desk, a shelf, or even your shoulder. It comes 3D printed in full color sandstone, and is available in two size options, with this version measuring 1.481 w x 2.624 d x 1.755 h inches, and priced at $25.00. Perhaps you could replace your elf-on-a-shelf this holiday season with Itty Bitty Sad Keanu.

#5 – Moto 360 Bumper Case – Tall
shapeways-5Taking the #1 spot last month, the Moto 360 Bumper Case slips this month all the way down to the fifth position. This little case is designed to protect the face and sides of the Moto 360 smart watch. The design, which features a bumper that rises 1.5mm beyond the surface of the face, is meant to prevent objects from bumping into and scratching the glass surface. Priced at only $8.00, there really is no reason not to get one of these if you are an owner of this popular smart watch. You can choose from 12 different color options for this nylon plastic 3D printed case.

#6 – Jebediah Kerman on IVA
shapeways-6Fans of space flight simulator Kerbal Space Program (KSP) are driving the sale of this cute little 3D printed object. Jebediah Kerman (Jeb) is one of the three original kerbalnauts, and is also one of the most popular characters from KSP. Now fans can have their very own little mini-Jeb, thanks to the folks at Kerbal Space Program who have their very own Shapeways shop, which includes over 20 different 3D printed characters and objects from the game. Jeb comes printed in full-color sandstone, measures 2.318 w x 3.502 d x 2.265 h inches, and can be purchased for $46.99.

#7 – Grumpy Cat
shapeways-7For those of you unfamiliar with “Grumpy Cat,” who is really a cat named Tardar Sauce, now is the time to hear about this internet sensation. She was born in 2012, and has since become quite the internet sensation, most notably for her “grumpy” facial expressions. She maintains a following of over 7 million on Facebook, and now, thanks to a man named Manuel Poehlau, she can be purchased in 3D printed form. Measuring in at 2.137 w x 2.756 d x 2.211 h inches, this cute little grumpy feline can be purchased for only $25.00 on Shapeways.

#8 – Round II: Nightscout Dexcom-Moto G (v1) Case
shapeways-8Coming in tenth on the list last month, this Moto G smartphone case moves up two spots to #8 this month. It is designed to hold a Moto G phone, the Dexcom G4 glucose monitor receiver, and the TTVJ Micro USB to Micro USB cable together. Made for those suffering from diabetes, it allows these individuals to hold all of of their devices and connectors together in one handy little case. It’s not cheap, but well worth the $60 price tag that it will cost to protect two quite expensive devices. It comes 3D printed in nylon plastic, with a matte finish and a slightly grainy feel. It’s available in six different color choices.

#9 – Gyro the Cube
While this 3D printed object comes in at #9 this month, I think it may just be the coolest item on this list. It is a kinetic sculpture which features four independent cubes that move with only the slightest burst of air or movement of one’s hand. A bit of a legend within the realm of 3D printing, when it was first released many people didn’t believe that the video depicting how easily the cubes move within one another was legitimate (see video above). Being around for over five years now, this continues to be a top seller on the Shapeways marketplace. Designer Stijn van der Linden explains how this object works:

“The sculpture is composed of four concentric cubes, each one spinning around a different axis. But it needs to be aligned after you receive it: Each inner cube has two knobs which need to be placed into the corresponding clamps in the parent cube. It’s easiest to start with the inner most and continue outward. Do not be alarmed if your cube will not run smoothly at first! Because of minor variations in the 3d printing process, sometimes a fresh cube needs to wear in a little, but it will loosen up very quickly.”

In the video above, the cubes are spinning as a result of van der Linden blowing on it. Priced at only $25.00, this is a must-have for anyone looking to have an attention grabber on their coffee table this holiday season.

#10 – Doge
shapeways10-postThere is no better way to finish off this top 10 list than to feature one of the internet’s most notable memes. Doge is a meme that originated back in 2005, although it didn’t really become an internet sensation until 2010, when a woman named Atsuko Sato posted photos of a Shiba Inu dog that she had adopted. In those photos, the dog, named Kabosu, had strange looks on her face, including one where she was looking sideways at the camera with her eyebrows raised. Now, fans of the meme (which features questionable grammar choices to explain feelings and reactions) can have their very own 3D printed version of doge sitting on their couch, desk, bed, or wherever their hearts desire. Priced at $19.99, this full color 3D printed sandstone version would make a perfect gift for that internet nerd that we all know. Check out the video below showing the 3D digital sculpting of doge:

There you have it, the top 10 sold products on Shapeways for the month of November 2014. Stay tuned for the top viewed products of November, coming soon. Which of these do you like the best. Discuss in the Shapeways Top 10 Best Sellers forum thread on


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