The 10 Most Viewed 3D Printed Products From Shapeways Last Month – Strandbeests, Batman, and More


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Earlier in the week we reported on the top 10 selling 3D printed products from the Shapeways marketplace for the month of October. There were quite the interesting batch of items, including ‘Itty Bitty Sad Keanu (Reeves),’ a detailed VW engine built for an RC car, and many more. thought it would be interesting not only to report on Shapeways’ top sellers, but also on those items which are viewed most frequently. So thanks to Savannah Peterson, leader of the Global Community Team at Shapeways, we have been provided with a list of the top 10 most viewed items from Shapeways for the month of October. I think you will find these items even more unique and fascinating than the top sellers were.

1) Batman Candle Attachment

My nephew is a huge Batman fan, so when I showed him this, he immediately asked me to buy it for him. This is a simple, yet very unique creation, one which could make any Batman fan stand up and yell, “I’m whatever Gotham needs me to be!” It is an attachment for a candle that projects the famous Bat Signal onto a wall. Why a candle you may ask? I think the video above speaks for itself. Nothing like that genuine, flickering look of the Batman logo up against a white surface. This is the 1992 version of the emblem, but don’t worry if you are too young to recall this slightly outdated emblem because the designer GeekHex also has made the 2001, 2003, and 2008 versions available.

2) Origami Crane Skeleton
I remember back in 3rd grade I was introduced to the practice of origami. Unfortunately for me, none of my folded paper creatures ever turned out the way they were intended. I’d always need my teacher to redo them for me. What can I say? I’m just not very artistic, nor am I good at following directions. For those of you like me, you can purchase a 3D printed Origami Crane Skeleton which will blow those 3rd grade creations out of their skin, quite literally. For $18.00 you can choose from one of nine different color options, and have this unique piece sitting on your desk for eternity.

3) Twerking Einstein
This might be the creepiest, most disturbing 3D printed item that you can find on the Shapeways marketplace. It combines the twerking body of Miley Cyrus with the head of one of the most brilliant men in history, Albert Einstein. The purpose? There is none, but clearly the odd idea, combined with the tongue of a genius, has attracted quite the traffic on Shapeways’ site in the past few months, including the month of October. We don’t know sale statistics for this product, but if you wish to get your hands on this full-color sandstone 3D print, you can do so for the low price of $29.99….. about 1/10 the price of a Miley Cyrus concert ticket.

4) Can Can Pinkie Super Fan Art
My Little Pony: you either love them or you hate them, but without a doubt Hasbro must have done something right in the creation of these cute, pretty little feminine ponies. Recently they teamed with Shapeways for a project called “SuperFanArt,” which encourages artists to create and sell 3D designs based on many of Hasbro’s iconic brands. One of these artists is a man named Nikita Krutov, and he created this cute little can can dancer version of Pinkie Pie of My Little Pony. Printed in full-color sandstone, this is sure to make any little girl (or brony) happy, and for only $25.00 the price isn’t too outrageous.

5) Wrap it up box
For fans of comedian David Chappelle, this product may bring back some memories. It’s the Wrap It Up Box, and as seen on the Chappelle’s Show and as noted by the designer, “Sometimes co-workers, bosses, ex girlfriends, current girlfriends, friends and even random strangers love the sound of their voice so much that you wish you had a device that tells them to Wrap it UP!!!! Well now you can own your very own Wrap It Up BOX!!”

While the box doesn’t actually work, it’s quite the cool little conversation starter — or should I say conversation stopper — for your desk. Priced at $19.99, this full color 3D print definitely has what it takes to put an end to boring conversation, as well as perhaps get you smacked across the face.

6) Botanical Dice Set

As Savannah Peterson of Shapeways told me, 3D printed dice are one of the most popular items to sell on the marketplace. What is it about dice that make them so intriguing? I honestly don’t know, but I have several high quality dice sets of my own sitting right on my bedroom dresser. Designed by a designer who goes by ceramicwombat, these dice are based on plants found in his native state of Michigan. Something else that makes this product so interesting is the fact that these dice are available in many different materials, ranging from different colored plastic to colored steel. The price range is equally extensive, with the plastic dice starting at $44 for the entire set, and going up to $144 for the polished gold steel version.

7) This was the same dice set in the decader version, which currently is not available any longer on Shapeways.

8) Spitfire My Little Pony
Uh oh!! My Little Pony may be taking over! Yet another My Little Pony SuperFanArt creation makes the list of the top 10 viewed products for the month of October. This time, it is for the Spitfire pony, and I must say I am quite the fan. He may just be the coolest My Little Pony I have ever seen. With his blue body, featuring yellow accents reminiscent of lightning strikes, and a mohawk and tail which look very much like burning flames, Spitfire may just convince me to become a My Little Pony Fan! OK, maybe I won’t go that far, but if I was a little boy, I wouldn’t mind playing with this fellow. The full-color sandstone 3D print from designer Christophe Vidal is priced at $36.00, and I may just purchase him for my son….

9) Animaris Geneticus Ondularis Strandbeest
This product is to Shapeways what the Model T is to Ford. It is a legend among legends when it comes to 3D printed designs. It’s been talked about for years, and evidently it still remains one of the most popular products on Shapeways. This product, or perhaps I should call it a ‘creature,’ is truly a design that showcases what is so great about Shapeways. Designed by a man named Theo Jansen, when pushed along on any surface that can cause a little friction, this object/creature/alien moves in such an incredible way that you must stop and step back for a minute to make sure that there is no sort of battery operation taking place. Equally as crazy and intriguing as this product, is Jansen himself. This is only one of many items offered by the brilliant designer, all of which are equally as incredible as this one.

Best of all, is the story behind these “Strandbeests,” as noted by Jansen:

“As time progresses the Beests evolve, with the ultimate goal of living their lives on their own. Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests have found a way to multiply by injecting their digital DNA directly into the Shapeways system. From now on several small strandbeests are available from his shop. Next to being a great abstraction of the inspiring work of Theo Jansen, these Strandbeests are also an example of what 3D printing is ultimately capable of. Right after birth from the 3D printer these models will work straight away and do NOT require any assembly.”

Still not amused? Then check out Jansen’s videos below, where you aren’t sure if he is being humorous or if he is really just crazy:

As for the price, the Animaris Geneticus Ondularis will cost you a rather hefty $256.92, but part of me feels as though this would be well worth the money. After all, if they can reproduce by injecting their DNA into the Shapeways system, like Jansen claims, then this could be quite a profitable acquisition.

10) Heart Opening Up
Shapeways is known by many people for their unique jewelry selection. It is really the perfect platform for artists who have no other means of creating jewelry through casting or whatever other methods they desire, to utilize the 3D printers offered by Shapeways to create and subsequently sell their own creations. This is the latest of some of the more intriguing pieces offered on Shapways. It is a heart pendant which depicts a heart that is opening – thus letting love in. It can be purchased in a variety of materials ranging from simple plastic (for $24.99) all the way up to polished ($249.99) and premium ($649.99) silver. It would certainly make for a special gift for that loved one. Hey! Valentines Day is only 3 months away.

Well there you have it, the most popular products on Shapeways from last month. Which of these do you like best? Have you considered purchasing any of these? Discuss in the Shapeways Top 10 Viewed Products forum thread on

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