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Desktop Carbon Fiber Filament 3D Printer Launched by Raise3D

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Today, FFF 3D printing solutions provider Raise3D, which designs and manufactures AM systems for LSEs and SMEs, is introducing its new E2CF professional desktop 3D printer, based on its award-winning multipurpose E2 system. Optimized for carbon fiber printing and engineered specifically to print with fiber-reinforced materials, the E2CF, first seen at TCT Asia earlier this year, features what the company calls the industry’s “most comprehensive ecosystem,” which includes its RaiseCloud print management platform and ideaMaker slicing software.

“The global effort to manufacture more energy-efficient equipment has fuelled a high demand for high strength-to-weight ratio parts. Carbon-fiber is a great material choice for such parts, but its use in 3D printing was, until now, considered expensive. With the release of the E2CF, Raise3D fills the market gap for a desktop-level 3D printer optimized for fiber-reinforced filaments and will make carbon-fiber 3D printing affordable and simple at last,” stated Raise3D’s Global CEO Edward Feng. “We are confident this is a relevant step in our mission to lead the promotion and implementation of Flexible Manufacturing Solutions used for low-volume or agile production, by removing another obstacle to the adoption of additive manufacturing as an alternative to traditional production.”

Raise3D’s E2CF 3D printer, weighing in at 32.4 kg, includes many of the best features of its predecessor, such as door sensors, IDEX technology, the “resume print” function, flexible build plate, and a power save mode. But that’s not all: for improved first layer adhesion and print performance, the system includes a new assisted automatic bed leveling process for fiber-reinforced filaments, helped along by a high-precision optical sensor that has better accuracy in nozzle height calibration.

Speaking of nozzles, the E2CF has a high durability nozzle and feeding system, meaning that both the nozzles and the extruders were mechanically and functionally enhanced for long-term use—over 1,000 hours of printing with Raise3D’s Industrial PA12 CF, to be exact.

The printer’s double-gear extrusion system, built out of hardened components that are optimized for the increased wear that comes with fiber-reinforced filament printing, has twice the feeding grip force compared to the E2. Single extruder prints have a 330 × 240 × 240 mm build volume, which goes down to 295 × 240 × 240 mm for double extruder prints. The nozzles and extruders for the E2CF have all been enhanced for a more seamless composite material 3D printing process.

The E2CF also includes two standalone sealed dry boxes for material storage, which were created by Raise3D to deal with the high water absorption that goes along with nylon and carbon fiber-reinforced filaments. The dry boxes, which are actually attached to the printer itself, ensure that the materials can be kept in minimum humidity during the printing process.

High-tech industries, like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare, that need to make consistently high-performing parts with high strength-to-weight ratios will likely find everything they’re looking for in this new professional desktop 3D printer. Raise3D 3D printing solutions distributor OKM3D received early access to the E2CF, and they seem pretty pleased with the results.

“The E2CF makes the easy production of strong and light parts a reality, which will certainly contribute to the ongoing transformation in many industries and applications,” said OKM3D’s CEO Timmy Schramm.

In addition to the E2CF printer, Raise3D is also launching its new Industrial PA12 CF and breakaway support filaments, specifically developed to help users print parts with an excellent finish and hardly any post-processing, and that meet the necessary requirements for accurate, lightweight, and long-lasting high performance. The PA12 CF, with a 72 MPa tensile strength and 3.3 GPa Young’s modulus, would be a good choice for printing industrial end-use parts, jigs and fixtures, and engineering tooling.

Additional specs for the E2CF printer include:

  • 7″ touchscreen
  • WiFi and Ethernet
  • 1.75 mm filament
  • 30-150 mm/s print head travel speed
  • 0.1-0.25 mm layer height
  • live camera
  • HEPA filter with activated charcoal

Raise3D plans to launch its new E2CF 3D printer late in Q4 of this year, and will host an online public event to introduce it; the system will also be showcased this year at RAPID + TCT and TCT Birmingham in September and formnext in November. While the price is still subject to change, the plan is to sell it for €3,999 in Europe and $4,499 everywhere else. Pre-sales will open a few weeks before the printer officially goes on sale.

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