Shapeways’ Top 10 Selling 3D Printed Products for October 2014 – Itty Bitty Sad Keanu, VW Engine, & More

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Shapeways has established themselves at the top destination for the buying and selling of 3D printed merchandise. Utilizing many industrial shapeways logolevel 3D printers, the company is able to create end-use products with quality as high as, if not higher than, their traditional injection molded counterparts. At the same time, 3D printing allows for the fabrication of as little as one single item, whereas traditional means of manufacturing require much more massive operations.  When an item is ordered from Shapeways, it is not taken off of a shelf somewhere in a stock room, but rather 3D printed in Shapeways’ warehouse and then shipped directly off to the buyer.  This allows for some very unique customization options.

Have you ever wondered what the top selling products on Shapeways are? certainly did, and with the help of Savannah Peterson, leader of the Global Community Team at Shapeways, we were provided with a little bit of ‘inside info’ that we have been given the go-ahead to share with you. Below is a list of the top 10 sold products on the Shapeways marketplace for the month of October 2014.

#1 – Moto 360 Bumper Case
This is a brilliant, yet simple design for one of the more popular smart watches on the market: the Moto 360. This is a bumper case that can be used to protect the watch from bumps and bangs. It is 1.5mm taller than the front glass, meaning it will protect not only the sides of the watch, but also the face, from normal wear and tear. This custom made design fits just perfectly on the face of the watch, not interfering with the microphone or crown button, while allowing it to fit just fine in the charging dock. The reason that this is the #1 selling product from last month is most likely the 12 different color options to choose from, as well as the extremely affordable price of only $8.00.

#2 – Moto 360 Bumper Case – Short
This is the same product as listed above, with the exception of it not featuring quite the same degree of  faceplate protection. Perhaps the more attractive of the two, this one only measures slightly taller than the front glass, rather than 1.5mm like its counterpart. It still comes in 12 different colors, at a price of only $8.00.

#3 – Itty Bitty Sad Keanu (Reeves)
This meme has been one of the top products on Shapeways for quite some time now. It features a miniature figure of actor Keanu Reeves in a rather slumped, pouting position. Designed by neuralfirings, this is quite the unique piece for fans of, or perhaps even haters of, Keanu — and even of Keanu himself (check out the photo of real-Keanu holding small-Keanu on Shapeways’ listing!). Without a doubt, this would be a perfect attention grabber, no matter where you elect to put it. It comes 3D printed in full color sandstone, and is available in two size options, with this version measuring 1.481 w x 2.624 d x 1.755 h inches, and priced at $25.00.

#4 – Shapeways Basic Material Sample Kit
While not quite as exciting as, say, a pouting Keanu Reeves, it is understandable that this would be right up there with the top sellers on the Shapeways marketplace. This material sample kit allows designers to get a true look and feel for what 3D printable materials the can use in the creation of their products. It comes with samples of Shapeways’ Full Color Sandstone, Frosted Ultra Detail, Black Detail, Alumide, White Strong & Flexible, and Stainless Steel. While the $29.99 price tag may seem like a bit of a deterrent to some, when you consider that it comes with a $25.00 gift card, it becomes well worth it.

#5 – Gopro Zenmuse Bracket H3 3D
3D printing has been a big help for owners of GoPro cameras, and this item is another case to support this fact. This is a modified version of the screwless bracket for the GoPro Zenmuse. It provides more pressure and support to the GoPro in the H3 gimbal. It also provides for screwless support, in that it allows for it to easy clip on and clip off. It is priced at $11.79

#6 – Pocket Clip fo Fitbit Flex
The FitBit Flex is quite the useful gadget. It is a wristband that tracks steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and sleep quality, and has the ability to silently wake its wearer up after dozing off. Some individuals, however, may not want to wear this device on their wrist all the time. No one wants to wear a wristband when they are getting dressed up for a night on the town, or perhaps having an important meeting with a client. While the band is very attractive looking, it just isn’t feasible to display it on your arm 100% of the time. This affordable $8.99 3D printed clip allows for the FitBit Flex to be clipped onto a shirt pocket, change pocket, or even the fold of your clothing. Available in nine different colors, this is a must-have for all of those FitBit users out there.

#7 – Gopro Zenmuse Bracket
This is an almost identical product to #5 above, except this one is for the GoPro Zenmuse H3 2D rather than the 3D version. It is priced at $11.99 and is available in 12 different colors.

#8 – Gridded Stereographic Projector

Out of the top 10 items from October, this is probably my favorite. It is a little sphere that doesn’t appear to be anything special by itself. However, when you project a light from above its “north pole,” that’s when the magic begins to happen. This little ball, designed in such a brilliant way by a man named Henry Segerman, illustrates how sterographic projection works. When the light is beamed down from above, you will notice that a perfect gridded layout appears on the surface below. This 3D printed spherical design can be purchased in 7 different color options for only $17.00.

#9 – VW Engine for Tamiya Wild One
People love playing with, building, and modifying RC cars. It’s just pure, clean fun. This 3D printed engine was quite the fan favorite this past month. It is built by Knight Customs to provide a better scaled look for the Tamiya Wild One and Fast Attack Vehicle (F.A.V.) RC cars. As you can see in the photo, it looks very realistic. 3D printed using white nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish, it is ready to be painted and then fitted to the Tamiya Wild One gear box. This can be purchased for $25.98.

#10 – Nightscout Dexcom-Moto G Case

Diabetes is a terrible disease, but because of advances in research, technology, and medicine, the lives of those suffering from it are getting better. This is yet another way in which technology has created a way to better monitor blood-glucose levels. This 3D printed Moto G phone case allows for the attachment of a Dexcom G4 glucose monitor receiver, which makes using this device a little bit easier and less burdensome. It provides ample protection for the Dexcom port, and makes it very simple to snap off of the phone for charging. Priced at $60, this might be just what the doctor couldn’t order… but 3D printing could.

There you have it, the top 10 sellers from Shapeways for the month of October 2014. What do you think about these products? Are you surprised that any of these made the list? Discuss in the Top 10 Shapeways Products forum thread on


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