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Sisma Introduced New 3D Printing and Powder Management Systems at formnext 2019

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At last year’s formnext, Italian company Sisma released its EVERES ZERO and EVERES UNO DLP 3D printers. This year, Sisma had even more product launches at the show, starting with its new EVERES VARIO DLP 3D printer.

The latest in the company’s range of professional Digital Light Processing systems for dental, jewelry, medical, and industrial manufacturing applications, the new EVERES VARIO was grown from the same platform as the ZERO and UNO printers. So it has the same shape as its predecessors, and also shares features like self-alignment of the platform, high speed, automatic resin loading and unloading, “Click & Make” software functionality, Sisma’s patent-pending Zero Tilting Technology (ZTT), and Smart Building Platform (SBT).

But, the EVERES VARIO also has some new tricks up its sleeve, including a 4K UHD light source that enables the DLP printer to reach an extreme, super defined resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, and a touch-sensitive retractable control screen so users can view printing progress and performance. An LED ring offers a quicker status update, while an additional supply tank and double resin cartridge loading positions increase productivity. Finally, the EVERES VARIOs XY resolution and print volume can be changed at the touch of a button, essentially giving you two 3D printers in one: high resolution prints with a 115.2 x 64.8 mm base and a 226.6 x 127.4 mm base for high productivity prints.


The EVERES family can print with a wide range of materials, from EVERES DENTAL CAST for casting models and EVERES GINGIVA FLEX-MASK resin for creating soft gingival masks to the high resolution WAX LIKE resin for jewelry and the EVERES FUNCTIONAL MODEL for prototyping and functional parts that need exceptional hardness.

EVEMET 200 sample

Another new system that Sisma unveiled at formnext last week is its new EVEMT 200 series, which use selective metal powder bed fusion laser technology and offer a maximum print volume of 200 x 200 mm.

“EVEMET, together with EVERES, represent the latest generation of 3D printers offered by SISMA and is part of a larger project, in which these two product classes pursue a unique and specialized dimension, in order to generate added value to its users,” Sisma wrote about the series.

The EVEMET 200 series works with all metal powders, as well as reactive metals, which makes it a good choice for the medical and industrial sectors, and uses both software and video cameras to monitor the melt pool and instantly verify the process stability and fusion quality. It features two overlapping laser sources and laser pulse management functions for better surface finish, a large powder loading tank and two filter cartridges that each support up to 1,000 hours of printing, and preheating of the build plate up to more than 200°C.

A gas flow management system inside the chamber keeps the laser protection lens clean while also allowing for optimal density, while an integrated suction system transfers residual powder to a recovery container. There’s also an external powder management system for automatic sieving – the new EVEMET MULTIPLO station, also introduced at formnext 2019.

This multifunctional accessory can autonomously handle metal powder in a fully inert environment, so there is no contamination from the outside and no direct contact with the system’s operator. Depending on the loaded material, users can select the necessary parameters from a touchscreen control panel – the EVEMET MULTIPLO then manages how much powder needs to be sieved using an internal scale, and then does so using high-capacity ultrasonic vibrations. Until the indicated weight has been reached, the system can run completely unattended.

The EVEMET MULTIPLO is very versatile, so it can be adapted to a variety of work scenarios, and it’s available in two versions: working chambers with either inert or standard atmospheres, both of which can include a glovebox for users to safely handle reactive substances. The accessory is compatible not only with the new EVEMET 200 series, but also with Sisma’s MYSINT 100 printer and its new MYSINT 300 model.

With a 100 x 100 mm build volume, the MYSINT 100 can be augmented with multiple accessories, such as the addition of a second laser, removable construction cylinders in a variety of sizes, an inert working chamber for reactive materials like aluminum and titanium, and a laser spot that can be reduced down to 30 µm for more detailed prints. Users can also add the optional MULTIPLATE system, which automatically changes substrate plates so the printer can get started on a new job without operator intervention – this can majorly reducine machine downtime.

The MYSINT 300 series, with a 300 x 400 mm and one cylinder build volume, offers “maximum reliability in the production of small series and medium-sized pieces,” according to Sisma.

Even when it’s printing at full capacity for non-stop manufacturing applications, the MYSINT 300 doesn’t need any powder refilling or unloading. At the end of a job, the EVEMET MULTIPLO can help with this, while removable cylinders make powder refill easy and fast.

Additionally, the MYSINT 300 series now includes, for the first time, exclusive laser pulse management functions for less construction stress and better surface finishing, and a new system to manage inert gas flow, which improves print quality.

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[Images provided by Sisma]

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