3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week — August 6, 2016


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It’s been quite the week in 3D printing news, and as per usual, there was just too much happening around the world to cover it all. For starters, a group of 174 Chinese students gathered to compete in the Vehicles for Sustainable Energy Challenge (VSE), in which they utilized 3D car modeling and 3D printing to create and race electric model cars. One of the pioneering areas in additive manufacturing, Dubai, is set to invest $270 million in their Future Accelerators program, where 3D printing technology will a key sector for research and development. For the first time in history, the Polish-American forum took place inside Poland, and featured the online video game distribution marketplaces G2A and their 3D printing platform, called G2A 3D+, as well as a Virtual Reality project called G2A Land. The 3D printing service bureau Shapeways has evidently improved their 3D printed Porcelain process, as they’ve announced a 50% decrease in lead times and a number of optimal design tips. American gold-medalist swimmer Michael Phelps has packed a pair of 3D printed Under Armor shoes for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The Princeton Junior School and Level Up Village organization have collaborated to connect students from the US and Honduras together. Lastly, the Mooresville, North Carolina-based 3D printing solutions provider CRP USA will be displaying their cutting edge 3D printing solutions for the space industry at the upcoming SmallSat Conference at the Utah State University.

Chinese Students Utilize 3D Modeling and Printing in ‘Future Energy’ Model Car Race


[Photo: Chen Boyuan / China.org.cn]

After attending a comprehensive summer camp lectures and training for 3D modeling electric circuits, model car design and 3D printing, a group of 174 students from all across China gathered to show off their newfound skills in the Vehicles for Sustainable Energy Challenge (VSE). On July 30 and 31, students from all over the country competed in a model car race, where each car required electric modules that would be charged through wireless power. Utilizing 3D modeling, 3D printing, and electric circuitry, the students had to create a model car that would charge via the electromagnetic fields installed beneath the racetrack, similar to how a Tesla coil transformer functions. The venue and part of the funding was granted by the Beijing Motor Corp., which has used the competition as a way to teach students the importance of “future energy”. Although the competition winners didn’t receive any sort of prize money, the participating students were all gifted with their own trophy.

Dubai to Invest $270 Million in Their Future Accelerators Program

dubaiSWMWhen it comes to investing in 3D printing technology, nowhere else seems to be putting down the top dollar quite like Dubai, which has been making headlines for their fully 3D printed office building and their monumental citywide 3D printing strategy. Recently, the city-state launched the Dubai Future Accelerator, which will aim to provide funding to projects and companies looking to further develop disruptive technologies. Now, Dubai has revealed plans to invest over $270 million into this recently launched program, helping to promote research and development in the Future Accelerator’s key sectors, which include 3D printing technology, biotechnology and robotics. According to state news agency WAM, the technical details and criteria for their investment of the program will soon be announced.

“The investment serves to boost the programme and increase the attractiveness of its projects and emerging companies locally, regionally and globally, and to leverage the investment opportunities that will come out of the programme, which is expected to be a major market for venture capital and an important venue for the world to invest in innovation,” said Mohammed Al Gergawi, the Dubai Holding chairman and managing director of the Dubai Future Foundation.

First-Ever Polish-American Congress in Poland Features 3D Video Game Marketplace G2A

g2aSWMEarlier this week, history was made when officials hosted the first-ever Polish-American Forum inside Poland. The event, which took place at the Congress Exhibition Centre in Rzeszów, was attended by members of the Polish-American Contractor Builders Association and the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce. Participants received a special feature presentation from Bartosz Skwarczek, the CEO and co-founder of the online video game distribution marketplace G2A. During the conference, G2A showcased G2A 3D+, their gaming-based 3D printing platform, as well as their Virtual Reality project called G2A Land, which offers an immersive VR experience from a roller coaster ride, shooting range, cinema, and an underwater world. In addition to the presentation of these two recently developed platforms, Skwarczek also discussed the history of G2A, their current and future goals, as well as their “open door” policy for collaboration with partners and developers. In the grande finale of the Forum, which was an Open Discussion Panel on “How to make Poles leaders in the digital revolution”, Skwarczek spoke on the unpredictable nature of digitalization and how to conquer it.

“If we consider the near future, especially through the perspective of digitalization, we are not able to foresee what will happen in the next five or 10 years. This is because the internet is expanding rapidly and exponentially. The only thing we can do is to open our minds and interact with technology, embrace it and try it out,” Skwarczek said.

Shapeways Reduces Lead Time Porcelain Material, Provides Design Tips

molecule-sugar-bowlIn September of last year, the renowned 3D printing service bureau Shapeways expanded their vast material line in a special way with the addition of Porcelain, which they even recently made available in a customized image-embedded tile format. This past week, Shapeways managed to enhance their Porcelain material process, and have effectively cut down the lead time by a whopping 50%. Rather than waiting 20 days, customers in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia will have their ordered Porcelain products shipped within 10 business days, and 12 for the rest of the world. In addition, the Porcelain team from their Long Island City, New York-based facility have provided customers with 10 helpful tips to optimize their Porcelain product designs. These tips relate to important design features such as ideal wall thickness, hole sizing, and whether or not the design should be hollow or solid, among other helpful tidbits of advice.

Michael Phelps Packs Personalized 3D Printed Under Amour Shoes For Rio Olympics

UAshoeSWMEarlier this week, we reported on the substantial role that 3D printing technology would play at the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, from high-tech skin-suits to futuristic footwear. One of the pioneering sportswear companies to have successfully integrated 3D printing technology into their product development over the last year is Under Armour, which they’ve proven in the personalized 3D printed shoes they created for American gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps. The Architech training shoes, which feature a 3D printed midsole, saw a limited edition release back in March, and sold out quickly. Inside of Phelps’ customized pair of Architechs is the tiny footprint of his newborn son Boomer, which serves as a reminder that his child is with him “every step and stroke of the way” during the Olympic Games. A representative of the Under Armour brand for quite some time now, Phelps is among the first to wear the Architech shoes. According to the sportswear company, a new limited edition color of the 3D printed training shoes will be available on their website and in stores come August.

Level Up Village Connects American and Honduran Students with 3D Printing Projects

kidsSWMAnyone familiar with our coverage on 3DPrint.com knows firsthand that we love STEM education with a passion. So, it’s safe to say that we’re quite fond of Level Up Village, a social enterprise that works to provide STEAM courses to promote collaboration between students around the world. This past week, the organization partnered up with the New Jersey-based Princeton Junior School to host the Reimagine Summer Curiosity Camp, which connected students from the United States together with those from Honduras. The students collaborated with one another to create 3D printed, solar-powered light source, providing participants with a comprehensive and hands-on STEAM project. Students from kindergarten to ninth grade will collaborate with Level Up Village’s global partner organizations from other developing countries via video messaging and Skype, creating an internationally-charged educational program.

“Participation in these engaging global STEAM courses strengthens critical thinking skills as students investigate relevant, significant world issues and builds intercultural awareness and understanding,” said Susan Weintraub, a coordinator at the Princeton Junior School. “Being part of this unique learning community allows children to see that while their lives may appear to be quite different, there are significant commonalities that connect us all, and we have much to learn from each other.”

CRP USA to Attend Small Satellite Conference and Exhibit at Utah State University

2013-09-11 11.45.28Throughout this upcoming week, at the Small Satellite Conference and Exhibit, the Mooresville, North Carolina-based 3D printing service provider CRP USA will be displaying their cutting edge 3D printing solutions for the space industry. Originally developed for the motorsports industry, CRP USA will be showcasing how their WINDFORM material product line is equally useful for creating prototypes and end-use parts for space exploration. The solutions provider will also demonstrate the effectiveness of 3D printing technology and their WINDFORM line as a structural material for space applications. This will be the 30th annual SmallSat Conference, which will continue to boast the latest innovations in the space exploration industry. The event will be held at Utah State University’s Taggart Student Center from August 6 to 11. Discuss further in Week’s 3D Printing News forum over at 3DPB.com.


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