Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience Platform to Play Role in Start-Up India Initiative


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dassault“We are all entrepreneurs.” – Dassault Systèmes

As India works to encourage startup success within the country, offering goodies like tax incentives and even special funding, it has occurred to others already—within the 3D technology space especially—that sparking off new businesses requires platforms of the future. While certainly few will refuse seed capital or a lightened tax burden, companies already entrenched India such as Dassault Systèmes point out that in today’s business atmosphere, specialized and digitized platforms are required.

Dassault Systèmes is of course famous for 3DExperience, a platform we’ve followed continually as the French company blazes a trail around the world, from assisting in naval defense solutions to enhancing design capabilities for Airbus Group and launching their Vehicle Program Intelligence Solution for the automotive industry.

Providing the competitive edge required for today, 3DExperience is available to consumers on-site, online, and can be used in either the public or private cloud. Meant to offer a ‘comprehensive business picture,’ users, data, ideas, and solutions can all be connected from their single digital interface. Created in 2012 to the tune of $3 billion, the 3DExperience platform is a logical choice for a country like India to embrace overall due to the software’s broad capacity for integration, allowing for hosting of data centers within government, whether that is in the central or local realm.


Dr. Chandan Chowdhury

Within India, Dassault Systèmes’ Dr. Chandan Chowdhury has been instrumental in working to further the country’s new startup initiative also, and sources from their company indicate there have been discussions in multiple states, to include Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Telangana.

It’s an obvious fact that in the current business climate around the world, the sharpest and most progressive tools are required to get a foot in the door—and stay there. These tools are different today and that’s exactly what Chowdhury, managing director at Dassault, voiced in a recent interview:

“We need to look beyond the traditional ‘ease of doing business,’ tax benefits, physical infrastructure, credit guarantee, funding etc., for start-ups.”

As the government of India moved to make their country a ‘hub of innovation, design and start-ups,’ Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi issued a call to those who would like to create businesses and jobs, rather than seeking them. The Start-Up India Initiative was officially launched in January with the mission to encourage entrepreneurs and innovators. They realize that to do this, the appropriate ecosystem needs to be in place too.

“I see startups, technology, and innovation as exciting and effective instruments for India’s transformation,” says the Prime Minister.

India is certainly not the only country to be working toward these goals, and with their international reach, Dassault Systèmes is definitely able to understand what’s happening in other areas as they also reach for the startup environment as an impetus for pushing a thriving economy, good employment statistics, and a substantial contribution to gross domestic product growth.

“For instance, a city in China recently deployed this platform in their data center to attract start-up companies, and encourage them to leverage this platform to accelerate their innovation process,” said Chowdhury.

With a positive and dynamic view about what’s happening globally, Chowdhury also cites other specific examples regarding international companies using 3DExperience:

  • XtreeE – another French company, Dassault has worked with them in sharing the 3DExperience solution as they use 3D printing and other digital technologies in the construction industry. With a focus on 3D technology on the larger scale, they offer a variety of consulting, manufacturing, and technology development.
  • Biomodex – this healthcare start-up is offering transformation in the medical arena by creating new and sophisticated software, as well as 3D printing realistic human organs for medical training by both students and surgeons.
  • ABBALab – from Japan, ABBALab used 3DExperience for developing an IoT startup.

Biomodex uses sophisticated software to create 3D printed models for medical uses.

“If this platform is made available to start-ups, it can act as a powerful catalyst to convert the government’s start-up vision into a realistic possibility,” says Chowdhury.

“It can be leveraged to help start-ups accelerate their speed of innovation, to connect with their end customers, and increase the success rate of new products and services launched by entrepreneurs.”

Other benefits Chowdhury highlights are:

  • Use of virtual design production tools while staying connected with potential end consumers.
  • Ability to create a virtual agile factory for digital manufacturing.
  • Opportunity for startups to experiment with a variety of ideas virtually before taking them to ‘the real world.’’

Companies such as SAP and Oracle are also involved in providing digital platforms to large entities such as governments and corporations, with launches such as the SAP Startup Studio—an accelerator program for startups—and an Oracle incubation center in India.

Solutions like 3DExperience especially can offer startups unprecedented affordability, slashing costs by 33 percent, reducing product development time significantly, and allowing for innovation with the ‘target zero defect’ strategy where they get it right on the first try. The positives are available for businesses of all sizes, whether working to connect communities in collaboration, share 3D models, or analyze data sets. Discuss further in the India to Use 3DExperience forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Business Standard]

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