Nixa Design Studio Gives Extreme Filmmakers What They Want With Zortrax 3D Printing Technology

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zortrax (2)There wouldn’t be much point in tackling the realm of extreme film-making if you weren’t working on a project meant to come off as inimitable, dramatic, and capable of invoking a reaction from the audience. While the concept and creativity must be in place, after that the whole process hinges on the tools involved—and skill in operating them, which can often require great resourcefulness depending on how extreme the environment. Stability is a major factor, but there are numerous other factors to consider also, down to the details of the cases and housings for cameras.

Zortrax recently filled us in on one of their case studies, taking a look at their client Nixa. The Polish design studio isn’t just a big fan of 3D printing, they are big fans of Zortrax 3D printing technology—specifically the M200 3D printer and the use of Zortrax filaments. I too have used both their hardware as well as materials, so it’s easy to see why Nixa would be so dedicated to this technology and company, and especially in their home country of Poland. This is a 3D printer that in my experience operated flawlessly.

11694931_1627261897547147_8778905602435617920_nThe studio uses the M200 for making a wide range of camera accessories to include cases and mounts, and components that do allow for more ease in extreme photography. This progressive company is another experiencing success with the technology as they take full advantage of all the benefits afforded, like the ability to customize for both their needs as well as customers’, and to create high quality products that are strong and can be made quickly and affordably.

“3D printing technology allows users to create completely original prototypes and experiment with new solutions before going into mass production,” states Zortrax in a recent press release, expounding further on the virtues of 3D printing—especially for a client in Nixa’s field, where they are making some more complex parts that photographers are going to rely on for the ultimate performance.

Zortrax reports that the Nixa team has learned to make full use of their range of technology and materials, adapting it to their own project requirements, whether planning on making a durable part or something more customized and light in weight. Nixa has several products which are good examples of this:

unnamed (6)The Nut Crusher offers versatility and ergonomics in a mount so that users are able to attach them to circular surfaces with any diameter from 15-30 mm. This is a part they were previously unable to achieve without 3D printing.

The Fig Rig! Offers stability with dual handles and a mount that can hold any type of small camera. According to Nixa, the upper portion is made of two rails that the user can attach a flash or LED lamp to.

The Shark is a casing meant for helmets, allowing users to mount either vertically or horizontally, featuring dual side holders as well as one on the top.

Best of all, the model library from Zortrax offers free downloads. The company points out, as we’ve seen with Nixa, that social media sites are great sharing and marketing tools as new products are posted on sites like Facebook, letting everyone share and comment, giving tips and asking questions.

“The Model Library includes the works of many famous artists and designers such as Samuel Bernier, Joe Bowers and Craig Barr,” states Zortrax.

Nixa alone is just one testament to how much 3D printing can benefit a new company, and the sky is the limit as they continue to work on products, developing and enhancing them further.

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Nixa’s accessories are the result of a particular response to specific market demands; taking into account the high price of readily-available accessories and focusing on improving their limitations,” states the Zortrax team. “3D printing technology hasn’t failed to surprise us once again.”

A market leader, Zortrax is based in Olsztyn and offers trademark hardware, software, and materials. Known for reliability and functionality, 3D printers such as the M200 are meant for use by businesses of any size, and even workshops. Zortrax received an honorable mention during the 2014 Design Alive Awards, with the Zortrax M200 printer also widely praised by 3D Hubs, who named it the best plug and play device of the year. Also, in 2015 CEO Rafal Tomasiak was awarded “Entrepreneur of The Year” in the “New Business” category by EY. They employ 120 people currently and work with resellers in 53 countries. Discuss further over in the NIXA 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.


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