Ready to Get Naked? 3D Scanning Smart Scale & Mirror Allows You to See The Truth

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624x624xNaked-Labs_logo_stacked_120pxl-624x624.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.1sGT-CxU0GAlthough it’s easy to lose sight along the way as you are carving out time for that chilly early morning run, afternoon yoga, and even arm weights at the desk, the whole point is tracking progress. And while it can seem as if nothing is happening from one 24-hour chunk to another, with discipline and enthusiasm in your corner, you will begin to see change occur. It’s all too easy to talk about on a Monday morning with coffee and doughnut in hand, and a busy day shaping up—but in this often frenetic world, it’s crucial to maintain the human machine as well. And let’s face it, gadgets can make that a lot more fun.

Now, after a weekend of caloric debauchery and missing roll call at the gym, it’s time to take a look at the stark, naked truth—and in 3D! Along with exercise equipment, fitness tracking, maintenance, and weight loss have all become progressively more and more high-tech. The Naked Truth fitness tracker certainly puts a new spin on seeing and evaluating who is the fairest of them all with a full-length 3D scanning mirror that presents the selfie in a much more scientific light. Not only it is a mirror for checking out the girth—it’s a scale and electronic measuring tape too, offering up numbers to prove just how hard you’ve been working—or to remind you of just how much you’ve been enjoying yourself.

For all of 20 seconds, the device spins you about on a turntable in a full circle as it gains all your stats with the 3D scanner, propelling you forward on what could prove to be an eye-opening journey in learning more about your physical self.

manThe smart mirror tracks:

  • Shape
  • Measurements
  • Body fat percentage
  • Weight

The ‘Naked Truth’ is translated into a comprehensive scan of your figure and then it’s sent to a smart app, giving you all the details right on your smartphone or device. With the goal of better health and fitness, you can create a starting point. As time progresses, you can also learn more about how you are performing with heat map technology that shows changes—and hopefully progress—over time. Both loss of pounds and gaining of muscle are shown with varying hues. This can, ahem, also go in the other direction as well, but we are thinking positive here. With progress, comes motivation.

The creators of the product, from Silicon Valley’s Naked Labs startup, point out that this can also be used during pregnancy to track that baby weight gain—and loss afterward too. It’s also important as a tool for helping one to see the overall picture rather than just those flabby arms or overly abundant thighs. The team at Naked Labs, founded by Farhad Farahbakhshian, also CEO, sees this device as offering a better way to transform, and to allow users to truly see themselves. According to the company, it’s as easy as stepping on, getting scanned, and then seeing results.

“Our users have loved being able to see their bodies’ physical changes,” says Farahbakhshian.

And the transformation itself can be enjoyed along the way as users are able even to create a customized time lapse of their bodies. Thanks to the device’s Quad-Core Intel Processor and built-in memory, Naked offers a fast, easy way to measure.

“Eyes do an amazing job of focusing on problem areas,” says Farahbakhshian, not only an engineer but also someone with experience as a former spin class teacher, who is well aware that often people do not see the truth about their bodies, whether good or bad.

“You get into body dysmorphia if you’re not careful. And it’s hard to stay motivated. This shows people their real progress, or the ‘naked’ truth.”

3330EBE400000578-3540762-image-a-74_1460670122616This can go both ways too, whether one is overweight or too thin. It’s often just difficult to believe what we are seeing in the mirror, and that’s why hard data—although often hard to digest—can lead to true success. During beta testing, the company has seen users at all ranges of the spectrum, from those trying just to build muscle to those trying to lose a lot of weight.

“We believe the only fitness metric worth tracking is progress,’ said Farahbakhshian, “With the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker, people can immediately see how and where their bodies are changing.”

Are you ready to see your truth? This product isn’t about a static moment. It’s about helping you into a future of better fitness, health, and a greater quality of life. As weeks of positive diet and activity pass, you’ll most likely be getting input on how great you look not just from this smart mirror and scale, but also from friends and relatives. You can pre-order now from Naked Labs for just $499, with the Naked Truth set to ship in March of 2017.

Device Specs are as follows.


  • Frame – soft-touch matte black polycarbonate
  • Mirror – premium-build, low-distortion mirror
  • Turntable/scale – matte white polycarbonate with Corian top


  • CPU – Intel Quad-Core Atom X5
  • RAM – 2 GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • Memory – 8 GB Flash One


  • Wi-Fi – 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4/5 GHz
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4.0
  • Supported OS – iOS and Android


  • 3D Depth – Intel RealSense Technology
  • Weight – 4 load cells

Is this a weight-loss/management device you are interested in trying? Discuss in the Naked Truth 3D Scanner forum over at

[Source: Daily Mail / Images: Naked Labs]

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