3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — February 20


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This week’s news is filled with 3D printing investments and collaborations on the business side of things. Becoming 3D has become a Value Added Reseller for Solidscape, and Materialise is now collaborating with Mathys Ltd Bettlach on a 3D printed Shoulder Guide System. In investment news, Stratasys has given Massivit 3D Printing Technologies a financial boost for its large scale rapid printers, and Neil Woodford and Iluka Resources have pledged millions to titanium powder developer Metalysis. NVBOTS has added a new member to its Board of Directors, and there’s one week left in a Kickstarter campaign for 3D printable fantasy scenery for all of you RPG and wargames players out there.

Becoming 3D Becomes Authorized Value Added Reseller for Solidscape

Solidscapemet2 manufactures high precision 3D wax printers for the jewelry industry, and it has now named Becoming 3D a Value Added Reseller Partner for the state of Florida. Becoming 3D provides 3D printing design-to-manufacturing solutions, and this new partnership will strengthen Becoming 3D’s presence in the jewelry market. Becoming 3D founder, Grant Sadowski, has this to say about the new arrangement:

“We are extremely excited to partner with Solidscape. Their incredible portfolio of machines really strengthens our presence in the jewelry marketplace. We plan to bring the industry’s highest standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability to our jewelry customers throughout Florida.”

Solidscape’s wax patterns provide the industry the highest standards in “surface finish, accuracy and material castability while eliminating the need for post-processing.” This appears to be an excellent match since Becoming 3D’s mission is to provide products and services that augment or replace traditional methods, making production more cost-effective while reducing design and production time of new products — allowing pieces to be directly printed from digital input.

The upshot here is: if you are into 3D printed jewelry as a designer or consumer, this new collaboration is great news!

Materialise NV Announces New Agreement with Mathys Ltd Bettlach

met3In other 3D printing business collaboration news, Materialise NV has announced a new collaboration with Mathys Ltd Bettlach. A Swiss producer and distributor of orthopedic 3D printed parts, Mathys will begin offering Materialise’s Shoulder Guide System, which is comprised of user-friendly “3D surgical planning software and patient-specific surgical guides” for shoulder surgeries. This allows surgeons to use the patient’s unique anatomy to help prepare for a shoulder surgery. A pre-operative plan is designed and 3D printed for use during surgery and is based on patient-specific guidelines.

Hilde Ingelaere, Executive Vice President of Materialise’s Medical Segment, summarizes the benefits of this collaboration for the company:

“Through our collaboration with Mathys, our goal is to enable even more surgeons to discover the benefits of 3D printing in the planning and execution of total and reverse shoulder replacement surgeries. It is through partnerships like this that we at Materialise continue realizing our mission of developing innovations that result in a better and healthier world.”

Mathys, which has recently reported a sales loss for 2015, is positioned to greatly benefit from this new business deal given Materialise’s strong reputation for high-quality 3D printing solutions.

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Receives Financial Boost from Stratasys

massivitIn more 3D printing investment news, 3D printer manufacturing giant Stratasys has announced a capital investment into Massivit 3D Printing Technologies. Massivit manufactures large 3D printers for the rapid creation of super-sized objects with its proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology. Although the company has focused mainly on the visual communication market, it is now opening up to additional markets that require its brand of rapid printing. Stratasys reports that it is excited to gain more access to the markets Massivit has access to, namely “visual branding, outdoor signage, landscaping, and construction.” This investment will be used to develop Massivit’s “market penetration, build a global presence, (and) enhance logistic and manufacturing capabilities.” It will also further develop the company’s product portfolio.

Metalysis Receives Millions for 3D Printed Titanium Powder Development

met1British businessman Neil Woodford is interested in making a hefty investment in a growing sector of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry, as is Iluka Resources, an Australia based zircon producer. So they have made a major $28.5 million investment in metal, including titanium, powder. South Yorkshire, UK-based company Metalysis, the fortunate recipient of this major investment, claims it uses 50% less energy than what’s usually used in titanium powder production. The usual way that titanium powder is made is also very expensive. Metalysis uses the “FFC” process, named after Tom Farthing, Derek Fray, and George Chen. This process was invented in 1997 at the University of Cambridge, and it reduces metal oxide to metal in a molten salt — using electricity. This happens all in one step, which is where the energy conservation happens.

Automotive and aerospace manufacturers use titanium for its reputation as a light and strong material, and it is predicted there will be a growing demand for the materials that Metalysis specializes in bringing to market. With an added nearly $30 million on hand, this investment places the company in the driver’s seat regarding global titanium powder production, for sure.

NVBOTS Adds New Board of Directors Member

NVShoot-10@05x-1024x684In more 3D metal printing business news, Mr. Carey Chen, CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board of Cincinnati Incorporated, who has 20 years of experience in “corporate finance, strategy, business development, manufacturing, and industrial engineering,” has joined the Board of Directors for NVBOTS. This company, an “automated, enterprise 3D printing solutions provider” that focuses on innovation in the business and education sectors, offers the only 3D printing technology that can print multiple metals in the same build. NVBOTS technology prints nickel, copper nickel, aluminum, zirconium, silver, stainless steel, titanium, and palladium, and these can be printed 10 times faster (and less expensively) than existing processes. Described by the company as “essentially an automated factory in a box,” the company’s NVPro system is “the world’s first end-to-end 3D printing solution with automated part removal.”

NVBOTS CEO AJ Perez comments on this new addition to the company’s Board:

“The momentum NVBOTS has gained in the past year alone has been extraordinary and as we break new ground in ultra-high speed, multi-metal 3D printing, having someone of Carey’s caliber is exactly what we need to take the company to the next level. Carey brings a wealth of knowledge pertaining to NVBOTS’ strategic areas of focus and we are excited to work with him moving forward.”

Given how much 3D metal printing seems to be expanding, even just based on this week’s news alone, Chen’s “wealth of knowledge” will be greatly utilized by this company that already has a very firm footing in the multiple metals 3D printing market.

Kickstarter Campaign for Fantasy 3D Printable Scenery Has One Week Left

gobThis has been a big week for 3D printing business news, again, but we want to end on a fun and playful note that reminds us of what the 3D printing fuss is about. How does real 3D printable fantasy scenery for RPG’s and wargames sound? Via Ludabunda has updated its Kickstarter campaign page with information that it has secured funding from French start-up Dagoma. This backing allows Via Ludabunda to be able to offer a special pack for $489 that includes “all the files in the Eccentric Engineer pledge and an affordable quality 3D printer, the Discovery200…” If fantasy gaming is your thing and you enjoy 3D printing some scenery to accompany your play time, check out the company’s website and Kickstarter campaign today. What caught your attention in the news this week regarding the industry? Discuss in the 3D Printing Weekly News forum over at 3DPB.com.


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