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Poland’s 3DKreator is Bringing Their Kreator Motion 3D Printer to a Global Market

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3dp_3dkreator_logoAt a celebration for the tenth anniversary of Poland joining the European Union, a small startup called 3DKreator showed off their first 3D printer, two years in the making, publicly for the first time. The Kreator Motion 3D printer was warmly received and the company took its spot as one of the young, upstart companies that was starting to turn the Polish 3D printing industry into a world player. 3DKreator joined fellow Polish companies like Zortrax, Zmorph and Omni 3D to start building one of the fastest growing and most prolific 3D printer markets in Europe. And now, just like their contemporaries, 3DKreator is getting ready to tackle the international market.

3dp_3dkreator_printer_frontThe Kreator Motion is an extremely versatile 3D printer, especially for the comparatively low cost of $1905. It can use more than fifty filament materials, including PLA, ABS, copper and other metal filaments, flexible, rubber-like filaments, composite wood, nylon, PET, industrial grade plastic materials and even filaments made from recycled plastic. Despite having a relatively compact footprint of 519 x 395 x 420 mm (20 x 15.5 x 16.5 inch) it includes a respectable printing envelope of 200 x 200 x 190 mm (7.87 x 7.87 x 7.48 inch). It is equipped with a 0.4 mm extruder and is capable of printing with a resolution as fine as 0.06 mm.

3dp_3dkreator_printer_filamentJust in time for the global stage, 3DKreator has released the second generation of their flagship 3D printer and added some important upgrades and features to the already robust and high quality machine. The Gen 2 Kreator Motion received an entirely new casing, transparent doors that seal off the building area and a materials sensor that will notify the user if their print is about to run out of filament. It also got a new perforated heated printing bed that will automatically level itself after each printing job is complete. Their upgraded printer was launched last September at the global technology trade show, Euromold 2015  in Dusseldorf and was the first step in 3DKreator’s efforts to find North American and European resellers.

“We’ve already contacted a few potential partners in US and after receiving great feedback about Kreator Motion, our 3D printer, we are sure that it is the right place and moment for us. [The ]US market is exciting not only because it’s really big, very mature, but also because it is… dominated by Makerbot. We believe that our device is simply better and it surely costs less. We know that engineers in US like to work with high quality machines and we want to share our solution, help them develop projects that can impact many people,” 3DKreator’s Michał Frączek told me via email.

3dp_3dkreator_teamThe founders of 3DKreator are a pair of 3D printing industry veterans, Przemek Kazanowski and Andrzej Szłapa, who have been part of the Polish 3D printing industry since the very beginning. Kazanowski was one of the founding team of one of Poland’s first 3D printing success stories, the Omni3D and helped the country quickly earn the reputation as the Polish Silicon Valley. Along with Kreator Motion development engineers Piotr Kowalski and Piotr Klama the company has already attracted significant seed funding to make their move to the global market. Internet Ventures FZI Fund, operated by one of Poland’s leading investment firms, MCI Management shares the founders of 3DKreator vision of helping make a 3D printing one of the most important devices in a modern business.

“Much like the popularization of PCs back in the day allowed businesses to take their efficiency to the next level, so does 3D printing today. It saves money by eliminating the need to stock large quantities of products, produces spare parts on demand, shortens production cycle allowing to go from design to manufacturing in an instant and minimizes waste. However, just like the first PCs, 3D printers may be quite expensive or too complicated or scary to use. And that’s where our story really begins,” explained 3DKreator’s CEO Przemek Kazanowski.

3DKreator has quite a bit of good will behind them, not only do they regularly collaborate with several prestigious Polish universities, including AGH University of Technology and Silesia University of Technology, but they have earned some impressive industry awards. Notably they took him the IDOL 2014 Product of the Year and a Gold Medal at the 22nd DOM Nationwide Fair of Residential Building Materials and Interiors. Discuss your thoughts on this new technology about to be released in the Kreator Motion 3D Printer forum over at

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