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Come on Everybody, Let’s Go! Select Toy Stores Offering On-Site 3D Printing of Nickelodeon Characters via PieceMaker

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c6b231_550e3e152a1045dd9b5ee039fa158741Let’s speak the truth when it comes to ordering items–especially toys–with our darling little miracles in tow. We all try to preach patience (and maintain a little of our own as well), but waiting just does not cut it when all the options and visuals are front and center.

So while the magic of 3D printing is a big plus, if your children go to all the trouble of creating something really cool in store with all sorts of enticing images and fun being dangled in front of them like a delicious carrot (okay, a candy carrot), being informed that they may have to wait a couple of weeks to have it plunked on the doorstop by the mail carrier may not go over too well. Thanks to the innovative PieceMaker, instead of dealing with a public meltdown, now you can all see your 3D models print inside of 30 minutes, in select stores. And as my mom was always fond of saying, “Why you could stand on your head that long!”

Boy with action figureSo, when everyone is finished with their glorious round of upside down meditation (we give you all perfect tens, by the way), they might even be looking at PieceMaker’s latest new designs and promos in 3D print featuring SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer or Blaze and the Monster Machines. These characters not only come to fruition for you and the fam within 30 minutes, but they are courtesy of the first and only Nickelodeon license available now in 3D printing.

“We are tremendously excited to join together the world of 3D printing and personalization with such popular Nickelodeon characters, especially as kids can see their customized pieces come to life while they watch right in store,” says PieceMaker CEO Arden Rosenblatt. “Nickelodeon is a leader in bringing cutting edge technology and experiences into kids’ everyday lives, and we are thrilled with this partnership.”

PieceMaker is topping off their growing popularity with the Nickelodeon partnership, now allowing for a list of characters to be 3D printed within four toy stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. PieceMaker 3D printing kiosks first appeared in select Toys ‘R’ Us locations earlier this year, and now in-store, on-the-spot 3D printing has been integrated into toy stores, and as we parents can all attest–boy howdy, what a great idea!

“We are thrilled with the Nickelodeon partnership as it demonstrates innovation from a leader in children’s products, and it helps us draw kids to this exciting technology,” Pam Israel, director of marketing for PieceMaker, told 3DPrint.com. “Having the familiar Nickelodeon characters immediately makes 3D printing accessible to kids who might not otherwise think that 3D printing could be for them.”

The hardest part? Swiping your finger and choosing a character. There are many to choose from, along with gifts and souvenirs all boasting personalized items featuring the popular characters. The PieceMaker 3D printers will thrill everyone, able to watch while models and gifts are made in under 30 minutes and under $15.Nick pieces

Nickelodeon, with over 36 years on TV, certainly couldn’t be a better fit for 3D models. Still super popular with kids straight into the teenage years (and, ahem, well beyond!), the popular TV channel is seen in almost 100 million households, and not surprisingly, has been rated as the number one basic cable network for 20 consecutive years

“For the first time, kids can choose a Turtle head, a Build-a-SpongeBob or a Dora tag, select their favorite color, make it their own and then watch the magic of 3D printing as the piece they customized becomes a physical object right before their eyes,” Israel told 3DPrint.com. “That’s one of the many reasons we also love being in-store with our touchscreen and printers at kids’ eye-level.  We’ve seen that kids really love putting their own name on a piece and creating a toy or tag that literally no one else in the world has.  All these elements together make for a rather magical experience.”

3D Gingerbread cookiesPieceMaker allows retail locations to add some major pizazz to personalized products in retail locations. They have developed a proprietary platform, the ‘PieceMaker Factory,’ which will thrill customers caught up in the excitement of the process, as well as offering complete instant gratification due to the elimination of wait time for delivery.

The products are one of a kind and customizable, with a main focus on toys and fashion accessories geared toward the ‘tween’ market. For several years now, the PieceMaker team has been dedicated to revolutionizing and streamlining the way toys and products are made, via 3D printing. They refer to their approach as the ‘digital supply chain,’ endeavoring to help retailers deliver a unique shopping experience with specialty products.

“We’re bringing 3D printing to people who aren’t yet familiar with the CAD design skills or who aren’t ready to invest in their own printer,” Israel told 3DPrint.com. “Our hope is that some of the kids who get their first exposure to 3D printing through us get inspired to learn more and then go on to learn more about design and engineering. Nickelodeon is helping us on this journey by being the familiar face that encourages kids with this early exploration.”

PieceMaker is full of fun–and options–all ready to be customized and 3D printed in 30 minutes or less. They offer dozens of other designs and these also include holiday gifts and ornaments which offer great conversation points as well as a big ‘wow’ factor. They also offer jewelry, tags, and collectibles, along with their action figures. Not only is this a great activity for kids and parents in-store, but it has the added benefit of introducing kids to the most fun and basic elements of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education as they are exposed to the wonders of 3D printing–and what it can put directly into their hands, now via PieceMaker.nick piecemaker

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